With Coronavirus on everyone’s minds and safety being our top priority, the Spaghetti Agency team is going to be working from home for the immediate future.

Thankfully, our team can work from home anyway, so we’re carrying on with all our work as normal.

This means that:

  • All projects are continuing without any delays or changes
  • We’re still available on the normal number: 01926 942294
  • Emails and enquiries are being dealt with normally and we’re using Zoom for calls.

This also means that:

  • All our workshops and 121s are now online, too. You can find our workshops here.

We strongly urge you to CARRY ON MARKETING so you’re in the best position possible for when this is over. And it will be over.

Now is the time to market your business. With everyone going online and working from home, the internet is about to get even more popular – make the most of it!

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