You might be new to us, so of course you want to check whether we know what we’re doing.

There are heaps of cowboys and cowgirls out there who claim to be good at navigating the wild west of online marketing – but where’s the proof?

As well as the barrel loads of testimonials we have, we’ve also outlined a few mini case studies so you can see the sort of work we do and the kind of clients we typically work with.

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Artificial Super Grass

Facebook Ads were costing way too much per lead. By working closely with the client we extracted their story, created engaging content for Facebook ads, optimised their landing pages, and configured their conversion tracking. They’re now getting consistent leads with an 80% reduction in costs; “It’s been the busiest winter we’ve ever had. The phone is off the hook.”

Plato Catering Hire

Plato needed to be ‘everywhere’ just like Spaghetti Agency. We introduced a content marketing system with social media, Facebook Ads, emails, and blog content to re-market to interested leads consistently. New customers now tell the Director, Stuart, they called them to enquire because they’re ‘everywhere’. They’re busier than ever. Mission accomplished!

Lily's Boutique

Spaghetti Agency built a campaign to drive customer bookings, resulting in a fully booked bridal shop; “Spaghetti are consistent and passionate professionals, and have dramatically helped the business. It’s bloody good. When times are bad you have to shout the loudest. They don’t shout much louder than Spaghetti.” ~ Simon Measures. Read the full case study here.

Boothroyd & Co

As a traditional, high-quality estate agents, Boothroyd’s knew they wanted to use online marketing, but they weren’t sure where to begin. By listening to them we successfully created an online marketing campaign which has led to their manager being stopped in the street to be complimented on their marketing – by a competitor!

Fire&Earth Sports Massage

Running a busy franchise meant the blog, SEO, and social media had taken a back seat. We built a monthly content programme to ensure their content was optimised for search, engaging to read, and visually exciting. Each site is emailing clients and prospective clients every week, and the franchise continues to grow, with the support of Spaghetti Agency.

Maxi Concrete

Starting with a simple Google Ads and SEO campaign, we’re on an 9+ year journey with the client from one concrete plant to six, including an acquisition by one of the biggest aggregate companies in Europe. “Our campaigns have noticeably increased in traffic and are performing well. We’re updated with the progress and are very happy with the service.” ~ Sam Carter.


Warwick District Council

Customer-facing teams from the council needed to get to grips with social media fast. Enter Spaghetti Agency to get WDC on the right track. We delivered an engaging course on customer service using the main social media channels, which was well-received and left the account managers with the confidence to manage the accounts.

Audley Court Ltd

“Todd really just gets it. His ability to translate social and digital marketing to operators has really propelled our business forward. The buy-in we have achieved from our internal stakeholders and General Managers could not have been achieved without him.” ~ Ross Mounsey, Operations Director, Audley Court Ltd.

Myton Hospices

Myton Hospices had a well-known brand locally but needed to better understand social media and how it fitted in with their other marketing efforts. Since training the team, including members from all main departments, their social media activity has been attributed to the largest Santa Dash event in their history.

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