Google Ads

Getting found on Google is hard, but if you want to create a consistent incoming stream of leads and beat the competition to the highest spots on search results pages, you need to spend some money. But that’s OK, because it doesn’t mean you’ll be putting your marketing budget at risk.

When done right, Google Ads are a sure-fire way to become the most wanted.

In-depth research

Every campaign starts with a deep dive into Google Ads keyword data so we target only the most relevant searches for your audience. We’ll find out what they’re searching for – not just what you think they’re searching for!

Full-journey approach

We look at every step your customers take during their Google Ads search journey and use the information to inform our decisions, meaning you pay less, and get more targeted leads.

Google Ads Certified

As Google Certified advertisers, we have the right skills and experience to get you the leads and sales you’re looking for. We use a transparent and granular approach to get you the best results.

What you get when Spaghetti Agency manages your Google Ads

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing works. If it’s not working for you now, that doesn’t mean it can’t – in fact it usually means you’re simply not managing it correctly. If people are searching the web for a product or service like yours, PPC will work for you.

We’re Google Ads Certified and use a clear and detailed approach on your Google Ads campaigns, with in-depth keyword research and landing page optimisation. We’ll work with you and the data we find to build the most effective keyword strategy for your business.

Here’s how it works:

Set-up of a Search Ads Campaign:

We’ll set up one campaign, optimise it for one week, and manage it for the remainder of the month. A campaign is made up of several ‘Ad Groups’ and just the right mix of keywords.

Here’s the nitty-gritty of what we’ll do for you:

  • Keyword research relevant to the new campaign
  • Campaign creation, including all required settings
  • Detailed Ad Group structure (up to 12x Ad Groups)
  • Ad creation including ad split testing (A/B) within all Ad Groups (up to 24x ads)
  • Keywords with multiple match types (up to 250x keywords)
  • Ad Extensions, including Call, Sitelinks, Location, and Call-out
  • Conversion tracking, if not already in place (access to website HTML code required)
  • Landing page optimisation advice
  • Desktop and mobile targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Inclusion of negative keywords
  • Ad scheduling (if required)

Monthly Management for 1x Search Ads Campaign:

  • Monitor Search Term Report and add negatives where appropriate
  • Monitor keyword match types and change where appropriate
  • Re-structure Ad Groups as the campaign grows
  • Add relevant keywords as the campaign grows
  • Monitor ad performance and make relevant amendments where required
  • Bid management and optimisation
  • Quality Score improvements where possible
  • Recommending of other features where applicable (i.e. remarketing, ad-schedules)

We’ll advise you on recommended ad spend budgets which are payable directly to Google.

Why you need Spaghetti Agency to manage your Google Ads

We’ll build a solid Google Ads campaign that’s created from informed research and years of expertise, coupled with real-time analysis and management. In the early days of your campaign we’ll work on your account daily to avoid it falling into disrepair – a common oversight made by other agencies.

The Spaghetti approach is open and honest. So honest, in fact, that we’ve been known to stop client campaigns and suggest alternative marketing approaches if it’s clear the strategy isn’t right for them.

Here’s what a previous Spaghetti Agency Google Ads client said

The guys have built such a strong relationship with our organisation that we consider them an extension of our in-house team. We always know that excellent service is just a phone call or email away and that we’ll receive the same level of attention they always provide that makes us feel like we’re their top priority.

James Abraham, Maxi Concrete

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