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Online marketing can be tiring. Thinking of what to share can be a struggle, and finding the time is tricky. There’s always something to do that seems more urgent.

If writing isn’t your bag, creating content is a real challenge. Luckily for you we have content marketing packages to keep your blog, email, and social media profiles as active as a Wild West saloon on a Friday afternoon!

Support your SEO

Regular, relevant, engaging content on your blog will make Google fall in love with you. When you create a great user experience, your website visitors will stay for longer, which can positively impact your search rankings.

Improve your social media

We’ll create quality ‘social snippets’ to accompany your blog posts, helping drive traffic to your site and increase your overall engagement. Your marketing will be more efficient when your blog and social media work together.

Engage your audience

Blogging and email marketing go together like a horse and cart, so we’ll turn your content into email marketing, too! Build your brand authority, get to be ‘top of mind’, and develop stronger relationships with your subscribers.

How Spaghetti Agency content packages work

If you want to raise the profile of your brand, your website needs traffic. If it receives the right traffic, it’ll deliver a consistent stream of qualified leads and enquiries into your inbox.
Your online marketing strategy won’t survive without valuable content to engage and wow your fans and followers. Don’t you think it’s about time you made this happen? With a Spaghetti Agency content package, you get…

In-depth blogs/articles for your website

These are written for the reader but with a keen eye on search engines, too. We want your content to be read, but we also know that Google has a mountain of leads ready and waiting for your business. We’ll create a long-form article that’s compelling, engaging, and shareable. We’ll dig deep into the real issues your customers and future customers have, and create clickable content they’ll love.

Email marketing

We’ll take the content we write for you and use it to create compelling email marketing campaigns. We’ll write the email, together with the all-important subject line, and send it on your behalf. We’ll even check your analytics, manage the results, and offer ideas for follow-ups and sales calls.

Content distribution

We’ll head to your social media and Google to distribute your content. We’ll create bespoke posts for your social media channels including LinkedIn and Facebook, and then we’ll populate your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts with your article. We’ll share it on each channel in the best format for each platform, and we’ll use our many years of experience to ensure your content gets seen by the right audience.

Why you need a Spaghetti Agency content package

Constantly creating content and pushing it out to the world has many key benefits, but some are more obvious than others.

1. Better Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Your website will benefit from high-quality and constantly updated content which is capable of driving leads your way.

2. An active social media profile with more than just a feed of industry news. Most social media output from businesses falls into the trap of sharing links and articles from other people. Spaghetti Agency will get far more creative and strategic with your social media presence. The way we create content will give your social media a great backbone of content and become an engaging shopfront for your brand.

3. You’ll be ‘everywhere’. With an active blog, social media presence, and timely and frequent emails, your marketing will ensure your brand appears in front of the right people at just the right time. We should know – this is exactly what we do for ourselves!

Here’s what a previous Spaghetti Agency content package client said

We’re really seeing benefit and interaction in sharing content. Spaghetti Agency’s service is very professional, and the team are very committed, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. We feel they understand the needs of our business. We’re happy to recommend the services of Spaghetti Agency.

Allan Page, Somerbys IT

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