Facebook Ads

Facebook has nearly 3 billion active users, and Facebook has more information about their users than any other company in the world, meaning you can laser-target ads to the right customers based on their behaviour, interests, activities, and even shopping habits.

When you create Facebook Ads effectively, you not only spend less – you appear more often and in the eyes of the people who really matter. It’s as though you’re everywhere at just the right time!
However, Facebook advertising is notoriously challenging and hard to master. Without the right knowledge, experience, and tools, you’ll end up throwing a perfectly good marketing budget down the drain. Unless you work with us, that is.

Expert set-up

Your success lies in the correct set-up and targeting of your Facebook Ads. We’ll work with you to find and attract the perfect audience and get directly in front of your target customers where they’re spending a lot of their time.

Barrel loads of experience

We’ve spent over £10,000 of our own revenue on Facebook Ads so you’ll gain from our wealth of ongoing experience. By focusing our attention on the most effective ad and audience combinations we’ll increase the profitability of your campaigns.

More reach for less cash

We’re big fans of creating tight and focused campaigns that put your brand into the right places, cost-effectively. We charge a fixed management fee, regardless of your campaign spend, so you always know how much you’re spending.

How Spaghetti Agency Facebook Ads management works

We come across so many Facebook Ad campaigns that fail in one way or another. Common mistakes include not using the Facebook pixel, UTM tracking, re-marketing options, and conversion tracking features. Sometimes, it’s simply a case of targeting the wrong audience or applying the wrong budget. We’ll address all of these issues for you.

What you get when Spaghetti Agency manage your Facebook Ads

We’ll set up your Facebook Ads carefully, and then we’ll run a campaign for you for one month to ensure you have all the complicated pieces in place and you’re ready to draw in the right audience.

Work with Spaghetti Agency, and you’ll benefit from an onboarding Zoom call to get your account set up correctly and ensure you understand our plan. We’ll also create your first campaign, including all of the fiddly bits you don’t have time for.

Here’s what the package includes:

  • Creation and set-up of your payment account 
  • Linking of your payment account to your ad account 
  • Linking of your Pages (Facebook and Instagram) to your ad account 
  • Creation and linking of your Facebook pixel 
  • Creation of your audience 
  • Setting-up of your e-marketing 
  • Email linking/uploading 
  • Creation of the campaign 
  • Creation of Ad Groups
  • Creation of ads for each Ad Group

Please note: You’ll need to supply images and/or videos, but we can help you with these. We’ll advise you on recommended ad spend budgets which are payable directly to Facebook.

Why you need Spaghetti Agency to manage your Facebook Ads

We’ll build a solid Facebook Ads campaign for your business, add tracking and conversion codes, and then show you how to use it. Think of this as an investment in a well-built Facebook Ads account with expertly crafted tracking, re-marketing, and audiences that you can use for future campaigns.

If you want us to continue running and managing your account after the initial ad, we’ll be more than happy to do so.

Here’s what a previous Spaghetti Agency Facebook Ads client said

Facebook wasn’t generating any sales for our business at all. After working with Spaghetti Agency we’ve generated over £5,000 of sales in just a few months with the potential for a lot more! We now have a plan for our digital marketing and know where and how to improve it month on month.

Katie Elliott, Notgrove Holidays

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