We don’t take kindly to bad grammar round these parts. Whether you need to clean up your act or do justice to your business, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re harbouring any criminal content, web pages or materials, report it to sheriff Jo and she’ll sort it out in her Correctional Facility.


You’ve probably already realised that your website visitors don’t care about you. They only care about themselves. Your text needs to tell them what’s in it for them. It needs to talk to them like they’re real humans. Because they are!

Grab the reins and take control of your website so they’ll love it as much as you do.

For clear, persuasive sales copy, speak to the kids at Spaghetti.

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing can be the most profitable activity your business carries out. The important word here is effective. When a potential customer visits your website, that’s a bit like meeting a friend at a pub. They’ve made time for you.

With email marketing, you’re turning up at a friend’s house unannounced. Make sure you have a very good reason, and communicate
like your friendship depends on it
(because it probably does).


Tackling text for print is largely dictated by the medium and application. Brochures can be rich and detailed, while posters and flyers must communicate clearly.

One thing is always true, however. Print is a very unforgiving medium if you make a spelling mistake or typo. Mistakes will be either embarrassing or expensive to rectify. You need to be confident that your printed materials are perfect. Would you bet your bottom dollar
that your marketing is error-free?


Did you start a blog and write a flurry of blog posts in your first week, then progressively fewer until you realised your last blog post was 9 months ago? That’s because blogging is an art, and most of all a discipline.

If you nail it, and you nail it consistently, it can be a vastly powerful tool for your business. That’s why companies hire us – because we have the focus and discipline to write quality content regularly. We’ll even pop it on your website and social media channels for you.

& Editing

Poor grammar on websites is known to scare away potential customers. For your marketing materials to appear professional, proofreading is essential.

Jo will review your writing, iron out any errors you’ve made, and improve the style and flow of your writing.

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