Proofing and editing

Your brand’s image and reputation are at risk if you don’t get your words right. There’s a good chance you’ll put people off if you publish content with mistakes and grammatical errors, and if you’re sending it to print, your mistakes will cost you time and money, too.

At Spaghetti Agency, we get words right – from the off. That’s why you should hand your words over to us, partner!

Polished and professional writing

We’ll correct all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, as well as any structural issues and inconsistencies of style. We’ll also highlight and correct any unclear language and improve the flow of the text.

Get your point across clearly

Our proofreading and editing services help refine and focus your message. We’re often told by clients that what we send back is exactly what they wanted to say, but they couldn’t quite find the words themselves.

Total confidence in your copy

The content we’ll create for you will be written in your tone of voice, reflecting the uniqueness of your company, product, or service by carrying your key messages throughout the copy and promoting the benefits of working with you.

How Spaghetti Agency proofreading and editing works

Your copy could arrive with us in many forms. With a background in proofing and editing for global car retailers, advertising, and SMEs, we can turn our hands to pretty much any style and any audience.

Editing for website copy, content, blogs, books, and print

Whether it’s a series of blog posts, regular email content, new website copy, or something more traditional like a book or posted letter, your words need to be perfect. Tell us about your project and let’s discuss how we can help with our professional editing service.


Staring at a blank page? Can’t figure out where to start? No worries – we’ve got you. The Spaghetti Agency team writes tens of thousands of words each week, and we often do so from limited or vague briefs. We’ll work with you to tease out what you want to say, and then create beautiful, powerful, and compelling copy for your business, online or offline.

Why you need Spaghetti Agency proofreading and editing

“… But how can you write for me? You’re not an expert in what I do.”

“What we do is really complicated. We’ve never found anyone who understands it like we do. I’m not even sure we understand it either!”

“Our industry is a bit boring. There’s not much to write about.”

We hear this kind of thing a lot.

The simple answer is this: Your customers probably don’t understand what you do, either.

But, there’s a fix.

What we do is bridge the gap. We invest time in understanding your business, your offering and the value you offer to your customers. Then, we use our experienced copywriting brains to turn your expertise into content that’s simple, effective, engaging, and capable of driving more leads your way.

We specialise in making the unexplainable understandable and engaging. Sure, we have no idea what a Saguaro Cactus Flower is yet, but with your help we’ll soon plant that seed into your copy.

Here’s what a previous Spaghetti Agency editing client said

After attempting to write my own content for my new website, I hit a real block with composing it to feel professional and web-ready. After getting in touch with Jo from Spaghetti Agency, my content was transformed! It now reads perfectly and completely captures the type of professional easy-to-understand ‘feeling’ I wanted for my website.
Thanks so much.

Charlotte Townend, Only People Matter

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We don’t take kindly to bad grammar round these parts. Whether you need to clean up your act or do justice to your business.