Digital Marketing

You’ve got to sift a whole lot of dirt to get to the gold, so it makes sense to know you’re mining in the right place. Prospector Todd will show you that there are plenty of nuggets to be found if you get beneath the surface and start mining smarter.


Pay Per Click marketing works. Google are not one of the richest companies in the world by accident.

If it’s not working for you now, it doesn’t mean that it can’t – in fact it usually means that it’s not being managed correctly.

If people use the internet to look for a service like yours, then PPC marketing almost certainly holds value for you.


Is it better if somebody spends 9 minutes on your website, or just 3 minutes? It depends. Perhaps your website is confusing – leading to longer sessions, or perhaps it’s not relevant – leading to shorter ones. The answers will be there.

There are literally thousands of lessons to be learned from the precious statistics of your website visitors, way beyond simple visitor numbers. The skill is in uncovering the truth behind the numbers.

Search Engine

Just a few simple tweaks to your website can have a profound effect on your visibility in search engines. Search engines want to understand your website so they can send the right people to it. You really do share the same objectives, believe it or not.

Once you’ve got the basics right, you can then look to more powerful offsite strategies to start boosting your visibility.


Need a new online marketing partner? Sometimes you’re mining for gold in all the wrong places, while other times you’re so close to striking gold but don’t know it!

Our Digital Handholding package is a way for you to manage your own online marketing and social media, but with the reassurance of having us available to help with ideas and get things done. Find out more here.

Graphic Design

When a potential customer has never used your business before, she will form a judgment of your company using the information available to her.

Typically this will be heavily influenced by your graphics, including your logo, signage, leaflets, brochures or livery.

If your graphics look dull, or worse still, just plain poor, you don’t give your company the best possible chance to win new business.

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