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Most business takes place socially. If you don’t get talkin’ you won’t make the contacts. Be careful though, folk round here don’t do business with those who only talk and never listen.


How much thought did you put into your last tweet? Does your business really need a LinkedIn Page? How can you get your Facebook Ads in front of the people who need you?

How should you respond if somebody says something nasty about you? Why aren’t more people following your Twitter account? Why does it all take so much effort?!

We have the answers – or just make it our problem.


Many businesses prefer to manage their own social media presence, but like an octopus at a buffet, they’re dipping in and out of too many things with no coherent strategy.

A structured approach with clearly defined goals is the way forward. A social media strategy keeps you focused and has one eye on the prize.

We help create that strategy and focus, in plain English.


Social media has changed the world… forever. But it’s fast-paced and quick to change, and many simply don’t get it or are too scared to do it.

We train businesses to use social media effectively with interactive and exciting training, either at your premises or at our Warwickshire workshops.

We’re so confident you’ll love our workshops and learn heaps of stuff, that we offer a full money back guarantee.


Blogging should form a part of your social media strategy. Many don’t think blogging is a social tool, but when written well it is a social medium.

Blogs can share your business insights, tips, and views – as well as set you apart in your industry as an expert.

A blog should be a key driver of interest and traffic to your website. But it shouldn’t be written like a boring thesis! We create blogging campaigns that work for businesses.

In-house Training

With in-house training you’ll get tailored content relevant to your business. You’ll learn everything you need to know about online marketing and social media and how it works in your business and industry.

Cover the topics you need to know about, and get your team excited. (Todd’s enthusiasm is infectious – they won’t have a choice.)

You’ll get all the tools you need to develop your online marketing strategy with our fun and interactive sessions.

121 Training in Person and now ONLINE!

Howdy, partner!

  • Are you struggling to make your online marketing work?

  • Are you staggering through social media with no plan?

  • Are you bamboozled when trying to update your website?

Don't worry... we can help you, partner!

We spend a lot of time helping folk to improve their social media, websites, tools, content, apps, smartphone functionality, and more.

We spend all day on laptops, phones, social media sites, and online tools – and we’re pretty darn good at navigating our way around them. We can sort out your issues and help your business sky-rocket.

Fix your online marketing issues in the Social Saloon – £199 for a 90 minute 121 with Todd (includes a 30 minute follow-up call)

If you’re struggling with a niggling digital marketing issue or you just need expert help and guidance with your online marketing then you’re in the right place.

We can help you with all manner of digital and marketing problems, or simply give you some advice on your advertising.

Just pick your slot at the Social Saloon by selecting it below and we’ll fix your issues together.

This could be a spot of bespoke training on a topic you’re unsure of, or you may need a strategy to propel your business in the right direction.

Just click below and book your slot. We’ll contact you prior to the date and time you have chosen with a Zoom link.

Please note: The Social Saloon is currently only available online due to the UK lockdown. We’re very used to running these sessions online and in many cases it actually makes the 121 more effective with screen sharing and Zoom being such great tools.

Check available dates!

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