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Wednesday 16th June 2021

Add an Admin to Facebook… When Facebook’s Way Doesn’t Work!

Tue 5th May 2015
By Todd
Facebook, Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages are still a very important part of social media marketing.

Facebook Pages are a slightly different beast from the individual profiles, but in essence, you can use them in a similar way and share your journey with your audience.

One of the biggest differences is the ability to get help running your Page from your team or colleagues.

By assigning a Page Admin you can allow different people different levels of access to your Page.

This is the only way that we manage Facebook Pages for our customers. They add us as Admins and we can post on their behalf, as well as change much of the page and run adverts and competitions (with Admin rights).

But there’s a problem with Facebook Pages… in fact there’s a problem with Facebook, fullstop! It’s full of bugs!

Facebook is notorious for being buggy and every week we shout at it and ask “Why, why, Facebook, why?” as it comes up with new ways to break.

Adding a Page Admin should be simple, but it’s not – and the recommended way doesn’t always work.

So here’s a Spaghetti Agency workaround!


Add an Admin to Facebook… When Facebook's Way Doesn’t Work!

Add an Admin to Facebook… When Facebook’s Way Doesn’t Work!

The usual way to add a Page Admin

Normally you would:

  • Go to your Page settings.
  • Select ‘Page Roles’ from the left-hand side.
  • Then add the email of the person you want to add as admin (this has always worked best if you use the email that they use for Facebook – often some embarrassing Hotmail address!)
  • Then select the level of access you want them to have from Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser or Analyser.
  • Press save, enter your password, and you’re done!


Adding a Page Admin to Facebook Pages - Simple Tip


But Facebook is buggy and we hardly ever get added like this.

Often we have to ask for the personal login details of our customer and go in as them to make it work.

(Note: This is not advised. You should never give your password to anyone – but we’re very honest and ethical at Spaghetti!)


So here’s another way to add someone as a Page Admin that (used to) work every time.

You have always been able to add people who ‘like’ your Page as an Admin and to make the official way (above) work we always advised that the person you’re adding as admin must like the Page in the first place.

If you can find this person in your recent notifications as likes then you can simply press a button near their head and make them an Admin! Way more simple.

But there’s a problem with this… You can never find them unless they liked your Page recently, and a Page with a lot of likes often won’t even show notifications for all the new likes.

But we found out how to find all your likes in a nice chronological list and this makes adding a Page Admin REALLY SIMPLE!


To make this really simple, it’s best to ask the person you’re adding as admin to unlike your Page and then like it again so you can find them easily (they’ll be at the top of the list when you find it).


1) Log in as your Page and go to settings

2) Go to Page Activity log

3) The on the right hand side ‘hover’ over Page likes

4) Carefully move your mouse over to ‘See All’ without closing that pop-up window

5) You’ll have a list of all your Page likes, and the last person who liked your Page at the top. (If you followed the instructions at the beginning this will be the person you want to add as admin.)



The above workaround has since changed. Now the best way to find your ‘likers’ is to go to the new likes icon:

Making someone a Page Admin on Facebook

Then click ‘See All’.

6) On the right of their name is a cog icon. Click this and then ‘Assign Page Role’.


Adding a Page role on Facebook Pages


7) Set the level of role they have and click save and enter your password.


UPDATE May 2020

Facebook has since removed the cog from the page likes list. Another way to add an admin or editor to your page is to friend request them, wait for them to accept, and then follow the standard way to add an admin:

  • Settings
  • Page Roles
  • Type the name of your new friend into the box
  • Violla!

And you’re done!


UPDATE Feb 2021

Here’s an even quicker way that doesn’t involve friend requesting:

  • Make sure the person you’re adding ‘likes’ the page
  • Find them on Facebook
  • Grab their Facebook ID URL from the broswer
  • Paste that into the field in the Page Roles Section on your page
  • And add them at the required level of admin.

Here’s a video showing you how:


Try it out and let me know how you get on…

I’ll try to update this post if and when Facebook update their system.

Give me a shout in the comments below and let me know how you get on. I will reply and keep this blog up-to-date.

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45 comments on this article

  • Steven at 11:48am on March 12th 2020

    Facebook has removed the ‘cogwheel’ next to the name so that the workaround to add an administrator doesn’t work.

    1. Todd at 17:27pm on February 16th 2021

      Thanks, Blog updated to reflect this.

  • Jenna at 19:11pm on May 22nd 2020

    I’m having a huge problem figuring out how to add an admin to my page. I am the owner of my page, and somehow an editor, but I am not an admin and as such can’t appoint anyone to be an administrator. There is not an administrator for the page at all and I can’t figure this out! Has anyone else seen this? I don’t even have a line where I can search an email or or a Facebook page… It’s bizarre…

    1. Karen McCarthy at 6:43am on March 9th 2021

      This is the exact same thing that happened to me except now instead of admin I am listed as an analyst. WTF

    2. Coty at 4:04am on September 10th 2020

      I am having this EXACT PROBLEM! I am the owner of the page but all of a sudden I cannot access ADMIN ROLE! No one is an admin! I even tried downloading FAcebook page manager app but it says I do not have permission to access. I also cannot view my messages OR notifications. The only way I know when I receive a message is through my wix account but it will not let me reply through that either!! UGHHHHHH

      1. Kyla at 2:30am on January 6th 2021

        I can’t find anything online how to fix this! Listed as an Editor on my business page. No admin so not sure how to fix this??

        1. Todd at 20:24pm on January 14th 2021

          Have you tried going via Business Suite or and changing your access that way? Who OWNS the page? If it’s a business manager then you need access to that.

      2. Nadine at 6:52am on November 14th 2020

        Having the exact same problem. Totally frustrating. Recently started a business page and was having problems with ads so explored page roles and changed my role to advertiser and now I can’t change it back. There are no options anymore and the only option is to remove myself. I can’t post anything on my business page anymore as that option has disappeared too.

      3. Todd at 9:18am on September 10th 2020

        Have you tried logging into Sometimes you can access your account there.

        1. Emilie at 10:11am on December 15th 2020

          I also have this issue. One of my business pages appears as the overall owner, I can’t access page roles or even fully link my instagram account to set up shop functions. Facebook totally killed its own functionaility here and there is no backup to help. They’ll happily take my ad money still though… although not for much longer – hi google 🙂

          1. Todd at 12:02pm on December 18th 2020

            Yeah, they really screwed it up!

    3. Todd at 19:23pm on May 22nd 2020

      Howdy Jenna.

      Is there a business manager that ‘owns’ your page? This can happen by accident with ads manager.

      Settings > Page Roles

  • Reina at 6:35am on May 26th 2020

    As mentioned above, they completely removed the cogwheel so I have no other way around to add new Editor.
    I want to assign an Editor for a new store page under the parent page and it kept saying that this person can’t be added as an admin.
    Do you know how to solve this? Help…

    1. Todd at 6:59am on May 26th 2020

      Adding them as a friend makes it easier to add them into the standard way. Settings > Page Roles > Type their name into the box.

      1. Reina at 6:22am on May 27th 2020

        I thought that was the problem and did as this account as a friend. The same problem still showed up…

        1. Charlotte at 15:05pm on June 25th 2020

          Hi Reina, did you ever manage to get a work around? Im inviting a facebook friend that has liked my page to be an editor. Putting in my password and I keep getting a little red triangle error. Cant seem to add them at all…
          Thanks 🙂

          1. Todd at 17:27pm on February 16th 2021

            Hi all. Updated the blog above at the end to show you another workaround.

  • Sonja at 15:27pm on May 31st 2020

    I am trying to add an admin. Under page roles it allows me to send them an invite. But when they click “accept” the page just refreshes to the buisness image and the person is not added as admin and the Invite remains. Ivetried multiple times and it just brings menin an infinite loop 🙁 I’m struggling as my main account is in “facebook jail” and I really need to make posts on my business page

    1. Todd at 8:29am on June 1st 2020

      Howdy Sonja.

      Is the person you’re adding getting a notification? They have to accept it now. Also, do they like the page? That’s not essential but I’ve found it helps.

  • Rich at 13:04pm on July 7th 2020

    I have someone who has “Liked” the page and friended me, yet I still can’t add them – or anyone for that matter – as an admin. I am an admin on the page. What gives?

    1. Todd at 17:28pm on February 16th 2021


      Added a new workaround at the end of the blog. Take a look.

  • Nuw at 6:34am on July 8th 2020

    Nothing worked. I still have the same issue even I did what you mentioned in May 2020 update. I went to settings -> Page roles, and tried to add an admin, they get the notification, but they don’t get an option to accept it.

    1. Todd at 17:28pm on February 16th 2021


      Added a new workaround at the end of the blog. Take a look.

  • Simon at 9:06am on July 13th 2020

    Nice article. I like how you acknowledge early on that Facebook makes this purposefully difficult. Its borderline nonsense!

  • Ben Partridge at 11:14am on October 12th 2020

    We have 1 business, Giant Deckchairs, with 2 Facebook pages (Giant Deckchairs & Friends and Heck Yes! Designs). My colleague Bon, was an admin for both pages whereas I was only an admin for GD&F somehow. We tried so many things I can’t fully remember what worked, but I think Bon had to go into advanced business settings and add/change ownership of the HYD page to the business account (GD). She was then able to add me as an admin to HYD because I was already an admin of GD&F.

    1. Todd at 17:28pm on February 16th 2021

      Sounds like you were hooked into Business Manager ( – this can really confuse things. Facebook need to sort that.

  • Carrie at 10:31am on October 15th 2020

    The person I am trying to add isn’t getting a notification that I want them to be an admin please help I have tried everything they have liked the page and unlike it but they still don’t get a notification to click on

    1. Todd at 17:29pm on February 16th 2021


      Added a new workaround at the end of the blog. Take a look.

    2. Megan at 16:49pm on January 26th 2021

      Did you ever find something that worked? I am having the same problem (except from the other side). I don’t get a notification to accept the invitation, but the Page Roles from the owner’s side still says “Pending”

    3. Todd at 21:47pm on October 27th 2020

      have you asked them to go to your page? Often there’s a notification for them there.

  • Max at 13:22pm on October 18th 2020

    The person I’m trying to add as admin doesn’t even show up when I type his name. He has Liked the page already. I then put his email there, and the Add button still remains greyed out.

    1. Todd at 21:48pm on October 27th 2020

      It might be worth looking at Business Manager or Business Suite and trying to add them this way.

  • Irene Schøndorff at 15:59pm on December 11th 2020

    Hi Todd

    I can add admins who use Android or Windows PC (like I do). Two other persons using Iphone/Mac do not see/get notifications at all. I use Business Suite – both are friends and have liked the page.

    Do you think this anything to do with the problems?


    1. Todd at 12:02pm on December 18th 2020


      Do you have a Business Manager as well? Sometimes this can muddy the water. I can invite via the page, Suite, or Business Manager. Depending on your set-up one of them may work better than the other.

  • Sandy Hernandez-Sanchez at 20:07pm on January 20th 2021

    How do I change myself from an editor to an admin when there are no admin’s on the Facebook page

    1. Todd at 13:36pm on January 21st 2021

      Ah… that’s a tough one. Have you checked who OWNS the page? Sometimes that’s you in a business manager account. ,__ take a look

      1. Karen McCarthy at 6:48am on March 9th 2021

        This is exactly what is happening to me. I would give Facebook up in a heartbeat if I didn’t have so much invested in it as my business page for the last 10 years. I feel like I’m going to go crazy trying to figure this out. do you do consulting or can you recommend somebody in this country to assist me?
        I’m really seriously at the end of the proverbial rope with Facebook.
        Karen in Oregon USA

        1. Todd at 8:40am on March 24th 2021

          Howdy. We certainly do. I’ll drop you an email…

  • Chris at 21:21pm on March 17th 2021

    Hi Todd. I tried your February 2021 update and it worked to the extent that I was able to send someone (my personal account) an invitation to be an admin to my business page. However, that personal account is not receiving any notifications, email or otherwise, that it wants to be added as an admin. When logged in to the business account, it shows invitation sent.

    1. Todd at 8:39am on March 24th 2021

      Thanks for the update 🙂

  • Laura A at 15:07pm on April 22nd 2021

    Feb 2021 Update worked a charm! Thanks!

    1. Todd at 12:42pm on April 26th 2021

      Excellent news!

  • Venessa at 15:50pm on May 13th 2021

    Hi, mine doesn’t work. It shows ‘This person cannot be added or invited’. Can you please help?

    1. Todd at 6:28am on May 27th 2021

      Howdy Vanessa. Try getting them to like the page as well?

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