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Wednesday 16th October 2019

Facebook Pages can’t share other posts (a workaround)

Wed 7th Jan 2015
By Todd
Facebook, Facebook Pages

Facebook Post share are brokenUpdated 2019.

We manage social media accounts for companies and it’s just come to my attention that Facebook Pages are currently not able to share other Page’s posts. So if you see a cool update from another business you’re now unable to share it to your audience for some business to business kudos.

Looking at the forums it’s a massive problem and something Facebook will be looking into. But until then, here’s a cool workaround to keep you sharing posts and helping each other out on Facebook.

Facebook Pages can’t share other posts (a workaround)

Here’s a simple workaround until Facebook fix it

  1. To share the post of the Page go to the actual post by clicking on the date or time that it was posted (this ensures that you have the exact URL of the post).Facebook Pages tips
  2. Then copy the URL from your browser (Select all and copy to your clipboard cmd + A cmd + C on a Mac or simply highlight all the text and right click and copy on Mac or PC).Share a Page post
  3. Then click on your home or logo from the top bar and start a new status update.
  4. Paste your URL into the new status. Wait for the image of the post to upload and then delete the messy URL (the post will still link).Sharing a page post via it's URL
  5. Now write a short intro or whatever you were going to post in front of it so that your audience understands the share. Make sure you also tag the Page by typing @ and then the page name, so that they know you shared it.


And voila! You’ve shared the post as a status update and the Page owner will still know that you’ve shared it too.


Hope this helps and I hope that Facebook fix this issue really soon!


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18 comments on this article

  • L Cressy at 17:26pm on January 7th 2015

    Thank you so much for the work around. Thought I was doing something wrong. But, I have been working on Facebook for 1 1/2 years and this is the first time this has happened. Now, back to work!

    1. Todd at 17:34pm on January 7th 2015

      Hey, no worries.

      It foxed me for a bit but the workaround should be good until they fix it.

  • Salila at 11:15am on March 30th 2015

    It works, thanks!

    1. Todd at 11:26am on March 30th 2015

      Yay! 🙂

  • Lindsay at 14:57pm on June 1st 2015

    Great. This also means people can’t share our posts…because that work around is a pain! (Especially when sharing from pages with long or weird names….I have to write down their Facebook page name in order to capture that AND the link!) Way to go, Facebook. Again.

    1. Todd at 11:05am on June 2nd 2015

      Hey Lindsay.

      It should be working again now. This was a fault a while back. Is yours still not sharing?

  • J at 9:02am on August 11th 2015

    Hi, I am admin on a couple of FB sites and whenever I try to share a page to my business pages the post comes up on my own personal facebook page. This is frustrating, do you know what I am doing wrong?


    1. Todd at 9:47am on August 13th 2015

      Hi J.

      You need to log in as your page. When you’re logged in as YOU go to the far top right and click the downward arrow. This will let you log in as your Page. MAKE SURE you can see your Page logo in the spot to the left of ‘Home’ as this will mean you are logged in and all comments and shares will be as your page.

      Failing that (there’s anther bug) go to this URL when logged in as YOU and ‘Log in’ next to the Page you want to admin:

      Hope that helps. Happy to chat on email if you have further questions. Just drop us a line on the contact page.

      Good luck.

  • Jo at 7:09am on August 14th 2015

    Fantastic thanks!

    1. Todd at 9:53am on August 16th 2015

      No worries.

      Facebook can be a really pesky thing at times 🙂

  • Bettertax at 11:16am on January 12th 2016

    Brilliant workaround! This has happened to me this morning (maybe earlier this year bit not noticed) on all the pages my page follows.

    I know some pages use settings to stop comments etc but mostly I have always been able to share content and interesting updates.

    I am sick of Facebook making it harder and harder for SMEs with pages to make communicating with ANYONE so difficult.

    Just gis a break, please!

    1. Todd at 11:33am on January 12th 2016

      Ha… I feel your pain!

      Facebook is only a business at the end of the day though and they need to make money. But, as an advertiser I feel like I’m allowed to rant about them too!

      Thanks for stopping by, Rosie!

  • melissa at 12:46pm on October 30th 2017

    when I try to share a post and tap share it says send as message!! it was working fine up until sunday. I uninstalled facebook, turned off my phone and it still wont let me share posts!!

    1. Todd at 8:39am on November 1st 2017

      When you click share, at the top of your screen you should have options to post on your page, group, profile or event?

  • JohnVDenley at 7:54am on November 1st 2017

    Do you know how we can “post as page” on a mobile without using the pages app?

    1. Todd at 8:39am on November 1st 2017

      You can do this via your browser but it’s a bit messy. You can also do it via the standard Facebook app but it does have a habit of reverting back to ‘you’.

  • Jaye at 17:13pm on November 23rd 2017

    I had been using the work around for some time but it is no longer working either or when it does the images from the original post are not showing on the page the url is being posted too.

    1. Todd at 13:50pm on December 5th 2017

      Well that’s frustrating. It’s still working for me, so try again. Facebook do have their moments. Or, head over to your phone app and do it via there as that can be simpler.

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