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Saturday 23rd October 2021

Stop Your 4Networking Meeting Getting Cancelled (with these proven tips)

Thu 6th Apr 2017
By Todd
4N, 4Networking

I’m a member of 4Networking and I run a group in Leamington Spa. I shared these tips recently on Facebook Live and thought I’d add them here too (as repurposing is good practice and It’s now easier to share!).

In the video:

  • I’ve shared my LBS system
  • I talk about creating content and giving value and I rename the 4N ‘meeting’
  • I share the importance of communication and your team
  • I tell a little story about an ex-4Ner who still knows what happens at my event

… and I give you everything I can to help you avoid small numbers at 4Networking!

Stop Your 4Networking Meeting Getting Cancelled (with these proven tips)

You might also like this post where I share loads more tips just like these.

And here’s why I believe people like coming to my 4N event.

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