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Spaghetti Blog

Tuesday 17th May 2022

The New Boy’s Journey to the Ranch, by Charlie Sandall

Thu 21st Jan 2021
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I’ll start by introducing myself.

I’m Charlie. You may know me as ‘New-Boy Charlie’, thanks to Jo’s sign off on our weekly email, the Friday Digital Roundup. 23 years old. Born and bred Stratford Upon Avon. That’ll do. Nice to meet you.

So, why am I writing about me?

Well apart from the fact Jo told me to and I’m still at the stage of my job where I largely do as I’m told, I wanted to sort of introduce myself to the huge family and followers of Spaghetti Agency – especially considering I’m the first full-time employee Todd and Jo have been daft enough to hire!

Only joking of course, I’m incredible and whilst I could sit here and write all about how incredible I am, I’m sure no one other than my mum is going to want to read that. Instead, I wanted to share my story as a now graduated university student amidst this wonderful pandemic we’ve all experienced.

So now a bit of seriousness (how off-brand!). There is a lot of discussion around the threat and uncertainty small/medium businesses are facing during this astronomically difficult and bizarre time, and rightfully so. But, without being a stereotypical whinging super spreading Gen Z, it’s been pretty bloody tough for students too.

Aside from the fact we’re all Covid super spreaders and that we’re upset that we’re stuck in dorms all day, there’s very little chatter about what we’ve been going through in regard to our studies and searching for a job following graduation.


‘Finishing’ University

On 20th March 2020, the nation was told that schools (including universities), pubs, restaurants, gyms and other social venues were to close with immediate effect. As weird as it all was, I wasn’t actually too bothered. I’m pretty laid back by nature, I had several final deadlines looming and being locked up and told not to go out was the forced incentive I needed to get my work done.

In a short space of time everything was thrown online; lectures, seminars, team meetings, supervisor meetings, project hand-ins, software lessons; literally everything. The uni handled this pretty well and swiftly, providing extensions and ‘no detriment’ policies.

Then, 3 days later, March 23rd Lockdown 1.0 was announced. Time to go home. No chance I was getting work done stuck in my uni house, surrounded by mates and over-hydrating on liquids of sorts. I remember messaging a group chat with my friends and writing, ‘Oh well, see you guys in a month or so I guess’. How bloody naïve.

Fast forward to June and judgment day… My dissertation hand in. I felt mildly confident. Even though I’m not very good at the whole WFH vibe, I’d got my shit done. I was sat in my bed following an all-nighter and, just like that, I pressed submit for my dissertation and my 3 years of uni were over.

No celebrating, no graduation and no soppy farewells. That was the end of University for me. To this day I still don’t have a certificate!


“What the F do I do now?”

A month or so following that submission click, I decided it was time to find a job. I’d enjoyed my month doing nothing and had used the ‘we’re in a pandemic’ excuse for too long.

So I got off my ass and sorted my CV out – starting by getting rid of my ‘career experience’ listing of being a ‘paperboy at 13’ which apparently ‘highlighted my desire to work’. Then I started applying for jobs…

2 months and what felt like approximately 90190291876315678987215 applications later and I still had no job or even interview. Without blowing my own horn, I have a first-degree honours in marketing, a good employment history including a marketing role, and I consider myself a friendly, hardworking, and diligent person. Even my CV was checked over by a couple of CV pros, so where was I going wrong?

Well, nowhere really.

I wasn’t the only one; the majority of my fellow graduates I knew were also really struggling to find jobs. At this point I was quite frankly sick of waking up every day and applying for jobs. It’s not life’s most enjoyable experience. I really had got to a point where I thought I to myself, “What the F do I do now – I’m not getting anywhere?”.

Then one morning I woke up to a ‘tag’ on a LinkedIn post from a connection about how they were looking to take on a new employee to help with their busy marketing agency. It was a post from Jo from Spaghetti Agency. I was the only person who’d been tagged.

I did a little digging – a Wild West marketing agency based in Warwick, clearly excelling in the midst of a pandemic… with some bizarre obsession with ducks(?) Sounds fun.

Following a few messages with Jo on LinkedIn and glance over my CV, an ‘interview’ and a couple of ‘trial’ days, a team Zoom meeting, which led to a conversation around if I’m a horny morning person (for context, I misheard the question from Dee about whether I was an early morning person…), I’d landed myself a full time job with Spaghetti Agency.

Quite honestly, I love it here. I get fed beer and burgers every Friday afternoon, take the piss out of Todd every day (team effort), I have a sweet desk set up and the whole vibe is awesome.

But whilst it’s all fun and games, serious shit gets done here. I’ve been thrown in the deep end on some big tasks and I’m hopefully building myself to become an integral part of the team. The few months I’ve spent here, I genuinely believe I’ve learnt more here than I did at university! Overhearing Todd on his social media marketing calls and the general digital marketing training I’ve been given has catapulted my knowledge of marketing!

All in all, it’s great, but the journey to get here wasn’t an easy one.

I’ve really had to adjust to a new way of life, whilst completing my studies and finding a job – like hundreds and thousands of other graduates and students in the same position.

What am I getting at here?

Well aside from sharing my story I wanted to get the point across, yes, it’s been tough for all of us but just consider the total shit-storm us students and graduates have gone through.

It’s just something to be aware of.

For your next job vacancy, maybe give a bit of consideration to recruiting one of my fellow Gen Zs.

Really, there are a ton of reasons why you should hire young graduate for a job.

But here are a few to just consider!

  • We have lower salary expectations because we’re fresh out of uni.
  • We’re eager to learn, and have drive and ambition.
  • We’re ready to mould and adapt to how you want us to be.
  • We’re accustomed to teamwork having undertaken group projects.
  • We have fewer home commitments so can focus on our role.
  • We question everything (Todd will agree with that one).
  • We’re pretty damn efficient with technology (Jo will agree with that one).
  • We’re used to multitasking (Todd and Jo definitely won’t agree on that one).

If you decide to take the plunge and recruit someone, there are plenty of recruiters and HR advisors in our Facebook Group Spaghetti Besties.

I look forward to speaking to you soon!



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6 comments on this article

  • Nick at 15:23pm on January 26th 2021

    Great blog post. Welcome!

    1. Charlie at 12:12pm on February 1st 2021

      Thanks Nick!

  • Ros Brooks at 11:30am on January 27th 2021

    Hey ‘New Boy’!
    Welcome to the wonderful World of earning money, and doing really fun ‘marketing stuff’ within a small, friendly business. I loved reading your blog and just to say, sometimes you just never know where (or when) that ‘Golden Ticket’ will come. It sounds like you did everything you could (exhaustively) and I have total sympathy for your Uni peers. You really did land on your feet though with Todd and Jo, and not many marketing graduates can do that, lockdown or not. It has taken me over 20 years to get to my perfect job. I had some very dull jobs to get here, from behind a fag counter at a supermarket, to a secretary in compliance, a media report maker and in very large companies (very small fish) where I had to learn and develop myself without any mentors. It’s all life experience that a marketing certificate will never give you, believe me. I similarly got my current job in lockdown, after doing an online copywriting diploma which really helped give me focus and confidence.
    Best of luck in your new job! 🙂 Ros

    1. Charlie Sandall at 12:27pm on March 12th 2021


      Sorry for the late reply Ros, I’ve only just clocked this.

      But yes, I really have landed on my feet here (he says while ordering in the fat Friday beers) and Todd and Jo are fantastic mentors (in some things)!

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

  • Lorraine Britton at 13:46pm on January 28th 2021

    Well done Charlie.
    Great insight into your journey to the ranch and sharing awareness of the great reasons for hiring a Gen Z graduate.
    Good luck.

    1. Charlie Sandall at 12:28pm on March 12th 2021


      Sorry, I’ve only just seen the comments. Thanks for your nice comment and I’m glad you appreciate the insight!

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