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Tuesday 17th May 2022

A Complete List of Co-working Spaces in Warwickshire – Updated March 2020

Co-working, hot desking, office, shared, space

We go networking a lot and at most of the events, we meet new and established businesses. All types of businesses can and do work remotely now in this cloud-driven world, and aside from the local coffee shop, people are increasingly using ‘hot desk’ or use co-working spaces.

List of Co-working Spaces in Warwickshire – Updated 2019

A Complete List of Co-working Spaces in Warwickshire – Updated March 2020

What is co-working?

Co-working is where people gather in an area to work independently on their own projects. Co-working spaces generally offer some amenities like WiFi, printing, drinks, and snacks.

It’s an alternative to working from home or in your local coffee shop and it’s more flexible than an office lease.

Co-working is good because it gets you out of the house and your pyjamas and gets you hanging around with like-minded individuals. It’s also a great alternative to your office and your own team if you need a different environment to work in. Spaghetti Agency does have an office in Warwick but sometimes it’s nice to get out and about.

You can also network with people you meet, and perhaps collaborate or discuss ideas, too.

Everyone’s there to do their own work, and if you’re open to talking you’ll meet some great local business people. Of course, you can choose to just use the space without getting involved with anyone if that suits your personality. (It certainly suits Todd who’ll have his headphones firmly ON his ears!).

If you’re an extravert, or you’re feeling a bit stuck or demotivated, spending some time co-working could be exactly what you need to get things going again.

How does co-working work?

It’s very informal and you don’t need to book a table for the long term. Most co-working spaces have an online diary that you pick slots from and pay before you get there. You get access to parking, WiFi, toilet, drinks, and even the odd biscuit depending on the space you choose.

How much does co-working cost?

This really depends on the space that you choose but some advertise the spaces as low as £6 a day. Be careful though, as some will then charge for coffee, etc and it’s merely a marketing ploy to get you hooked! You may as well pay more and get access to the kettle and toilets and go with an up-front space rather than a large hotel that mostly aims to up-sell and then some.

We’ve often been asked where we recommend people go when they’d like to use a co-working space, so we thought we’d share our favourites here.

Not all of these places are official co-working spaces – some are just great places to hot desk.

For reference, the official co-working spaces have (CW) and Hot Desking have (HD) after them. Check the links to find out more – and please let us know of anything we’ve missed.

Co-working spaces in Warwickshire – updated October 2019

Coventry at The Wheelhouse. (CW)

Farmers Fayre, Stoneleigh. (HD) (We like the food here)

Binswood Hall, Leamington. (HD) (We have meetings here and they look after us)

Meet by the Park, Leamington. (CW)

Venture House, Stratford-upon-Avon. (CW) (Jo has worked here and enjoyed it)

Cowork Arch Four. (CW)

Althorpe Enterprise Hub (CW)

UBC, Henley-in-Arden (CW)

Longbarn Village, Alcester. (CW)

1MillStreet (CW)

Minerva Mill , Alcester.(CW)

RIC, Kenilworth. (CW)

Arch Creatives, Leamington. (CW)

Instant Offices, Warwick. (HD)

The Studio, Leamington. (CW)

Regis (Hilton Warwick). (HD)

Brave co-working, Stratford-upon-Avon. (CW) (Jo has been here and it’s stunning)

Pure Offices, Warwick (HD)

Squirhill, Fenny Compton. (CW)


Please help us keep this list updated…

Please do comment below or shout us on social media if you’ve used any of these spaces or if you have a co-working space you’d like to be added to this list.

We hope this helps. Happy co-working!

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4 comments on this article

  • Charlie Budd at 7:36am on October 22nd 2019

    I’ve been working at Brave Co-work for about 9 months now and it’s really helped my business.

    It’s a lovely space, airy and bright. There are a couple of bigger screens I can plug my laptop into for editing photos or video, coffee & biscuits/cake is included, a meeting room, a training room, and plenty of variety of desk space to use.

    I’ve regularly used the training room and sometimes the main space for video or photo shoots, which has been a brilliant resource.

    And co-working generally is definitely something anyone working from home should try. I find I get about 50% more work done at the co-work than at home, with the distractions of laundry, a cooked lunch, talking to the chickens…

    Find your local co-work space and try it. And if you can, try a few to see what suits you.

    1. Todd at 6:28am on October 24th 2019

      Interesting. Thanks Charlie!

  • Jack Wratten at 14:55pm on May 27th 2021

    Hi! We opened in September 2020 and have a great community of co-workers here in Rugby 🙂
    We’d love to show you around!

    1. Todd at 13:42pm on May 28th 2021

      That sounds cool 🙂 Drop us a message on the website, Jack!

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