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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Building it for the Stalkers. Content isn’t Always about Driving Traffic

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“Create content to attract people to you. Have an active blog, strong social media and a good YouTube channel.

Create enough content and eventually people will find you, trust you, and buy from you.”

Yes, but that’s not the only reason you should be creating content.

Google was founded on September 4th 1998. That means that for almost 19 years we’ve had the ability to find out pretty much anything about anybody.

For 19 years, we’ve been researching and learning about almost everything… and that includes you!

I don’t know about you, but before I buy from anyone I check them out first.

I google them.

I check out their website and I view what they’re up to on social media, too.

Do you? 

I bet your customers and future customers do.

Building it for the Stalkers. Content isn't Always About Driving Traffic

Building it for the Stalkers. Content isn’t Always about Driving Traffic

For me, creating content isn’t just about ‘driving traffic’; it’s also about converting conversations

I know that I’m being googled today. I know that brand new people who’ve heard about me from various places are looking at my particulars online.

I also know that I make damn sure they find some good stuff when they do.

Are you? 

It’s not news that people use Google, is it? But it’s often a new concept when I explain this very idea.

You should be creating content for the silent watchers, create blogs for the Google researchers, record video for the undecided and post on social media to build relationships with people you’ve never met, so they remember you when they need what you do.

Credit: 4Networking
Credit: 4Networking

It’s not all about driving new traffic

A lot of this content I create is so that you can read it when you meet me at a networking event, see me speak, listen to me on someone’s podcast, look for social media training on Google and find my website (thanks to the SEO benefit of blogging) and then look around my site to see if I fit.

We won’t appeal to everyone, and that’s OK. But the ones we do appeal to will most likely then contact us, and I get a chance to be there in person.

I’m happy in the knowledge that I put my best content out online and I have a consistent machine to keep it fresh.

Creating content isn’t all about driving traffic, it’s more about giving those stalkers something to look at and creating conversations.

Potential customers will google you. What do they find when they do?

A simple content system that’s easy to create and easy to follow should be at the hub of your marketing campaigns. We simply do this each week and month:


  • Blog weekly
  • Email twice a week
  • Share on social media daily
  • Create Facebook Live videos weekly
  • Upload short videos to Instagram daily or every other day
  • Keep a good amount of content on YouTube


And then go out and network, speak, share and have many conversations online.

The result is lots of interested people checking out our content when we’re not there. This helps Google to notice us and then that helps Google to show us to people looking for what we do… and then they start snooping around too.

A quick look at our Google Analytics backs this up. 61% of our traffic this year came from search. So for all the social media sharing we did… people Googled us more!


Google Analytics data for social media versus organic results


Simple, huh?

You know this makes sense because you’re doing it all the time to others, too. Get a simple system in place now and reap the rewards in a few months’ time. Nothing is an overnight success, remember.

Need more help? Join me in the Social Saloon for 121 help or checkout our content marketing and social media workshop in Warwickshire



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