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Wednesday 19th June 2024

But I’m Worried I’ll Share Too Much…

Tue 23rd Jan 2018
By Todd
Social Media

“How’s your business?”

“It’s going OK, thanks. We’re growing slowly but I want to make more noise and get more leads.” 

“Cool. Let’s look at how we can use social media and online marketing to put out some great content that will attract more interest.”

“… Oh. I’m not sure. You see, I’m worried I might overwhelm people.”

Here’s the thing.

I get told this week in, week out. I get told that business owners and marketers are scared they’ll scare people away, or bore them with too much content.


But I’m Worried I’ll Share Too Much...

But I’m Worried I’ll Share Too Much…

You see, we’re in the attention game…

The average person is apparently subjected to around 5,000 adverts a day!

We think about 50-70,000 things a day.

So your one tweet just isn’t going to cut it!


But this isn’t a spammy numbers game…

This is a game that you need to play more like Tom Cruise does…

When Tom has a film coming out the film company will create a HUGE marketing plan for the movie. It will involve multiple touch points, social media, PR, TV, YouTube ads, Facebook shares, promoted stories on Instagram and Snapchat, and it will involve running all that for a period of time.

Whether you like it or not, we’re competing with Tom Cruise, because we’re all in the same attention market!

We’re all competing for attention with each other. We’re all competing for the 7-second attention span.

If Tom Cruise is fighting for it, your blog/article/product/service is too!

So once is never enough, but you don’t need spam. It’s just a case of being intelligent with your marketing and content sharing.

Share content on different channels in a unique and platform-specific way.

Share great videos on YouTube and then send brilliant and clickable content on email. Talk about it on Facebook Live and then consider promoting it to keep Mark Zuckerberg happy.

Tell people about it, talk about it at networking meetings, and then put in on your blog, Twitter, LinkedIn and more! Send people information that will help them. Don’t just post in a million Facebook Groups and run – now that IS spammy.

Give people a reason to engage with you and don’t expect them to do it the first time they see it. Did you book tickets for Tom Cruise’s new film the first time you heard about it? Probably not. Is there more than one movie out when Tom’s is out? You bet!

Attention. You need to earn it and it rarely happens on the first time of asking.


Will you bore them? HELL NO!

They won’t see half of it.

In fact they might not see any of it…!

The world is busy. Standing out in new and exciting ways is the oxygen of marketing agencies and businesses across the globe.

You might not get seen at all but you have a way more chance if you stand out and give great value.

Sharing your content more in new and exciting ways gives you a much better chance of being seen, and it ups your odds considerably, too!


Let me tell you a short story…

One Christmas we were working with a local restaurant on their marketing. Christmas is a busy time for them and their new festive menu was out.

We shared it in many ways on Twitter and Facebook and tried in all sorts of ways to shout “Book your dinner here” without spamming. To be honest, it did feel like overkill at times but the business owner wanted us to really go to town on it. People were booking parties and we needed to grab some attention.

We got a tweet back one day…

“Ok, I get it – it’s Christmas! Stop sharing your menu now!”

“Fair enough.” I thought, “We’ve overdone it!”.

But the very next day we got a tweet from someone asking when we were going to share our Christmas menu because they wanted to know what was on it.

I kid you not!


You’d be amazed how few of your messages get through…

… and you’d be amazed how few people will ever complain you’re sharing too much, too. (That was our first and only time!)

The world is busy…

Find new ways to share your content and message and promote it or better still – tell the story of it.

Oh…. And get a system in place and put it in action. Without a system, all this sharing becomes a really tough task! You don’t need to be having random thoughts while you’re lying in bed at night about whether you did your LinkedIn post for the day. (Been there, done that!)

We can teach you one in our workshops. Even if you think you’ve got it covered, you’ll be surprised and what new tips you’ll learn. So much so that you get a full money back guarantee so if you don’t learn something new and have an awesome day, we’ll just credit your account, no questions asked.

We’re all fighting for attention in 2018. Don’t throw the towel in the first round!

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