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Wednesday 23rd October 2019

How to Share a Facebook Post in an Email – Solved

Mon 22nd Feb 2016
By Todd

[Updated May 2019]

Facebook Pages are a real bugger at times! (Honestly… what’s up with that?)

Years ago your posts would reach 100% of your audience… but now it’s more like 2%!

Facebook Ads are now a far better strategy!

We understand why. I mean, most of the content from business pages is crap. It is, admit it.

So Facebook decided that only 1,500 stories would ever reach your personal timeline on a daily basis and not many of those would be organic (free) Facebook Page posts.

Understandably this annoys business owners and they want to know how to get more eyeballs on their posts.


How to Share a Facebook Post Via Email, Text or Message

How to Share a Facebook Post in an Email – Solved

One way to do this is to share the URL of your business Page post with your contacts…

We do this for clients when they have a really important post that needs traction online.

Link sharing helps with organic reach of a post, so I even do it if I’m boosting a post.

It’s really simple but we realised that not everyone knows how to find the exact URL for a specific post. So here’s how.

  • Firstly go to your Facebook Page and find the post you want to share.
  • Then click on the time or date that the post was shared.
  • The post will then open up in a pop-up window.
  • Copy the URL from your browser.

This URL is the one you can share on email, text, message or however you’re sharing it.


This method ensures the people you’re asking to share your post don’t have to do any hard work at all. Make it easy for folk if you want their help, OK?

By sending them the link to the exact post you don’t have to say “please share the last post I shared” or something equally as complicated. They just won’t bother.

Paste the link into an email or message and all they need to do is click on it to get to the post so they can comment, like or share.

Build yourself a silent army of traffic that you can send to your Facebook posts to give them some help

I imagine Facebook know if you send the same people there all the time though, so reserve this for the big posts that you really need to fly! Like many of our tips, this is to be used sparingly.

There are of course loads of other ways to help you get better reach on Facebook but this one comes up a lot and I use it myself and for my clients when I need to.

I hope it helps.

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6 comments on this article

  • Philip Pederson at 13:38pm on January 18th 2019

    I really appreciate this article. My question is how many times to a specific group is too many? I’m looking at doing a campaign for an event and would send out 5 – 8 posts over a 1 month period. Also, I am going to do other events with other groups, would that impact that?

    Philip Pederson

    1. Todd at 12:44pm on January 23rd 2019

      Howdy. If you mix up the messages and make sure there’s some value in them I would share them as often as you can!

      Just don’t share the same thing over and over again!

  • Tim Bob Joe frank John Smith the 87th at 5:30am on June 11th 2019

    Sending text to 32665 no longer creates a post as of June 10,2019. Just tried it.

    1. Todd at 9:47am on June 29th 2019

      Thanks. Not the tip I’m sharing here though.

  • Lynne at 19:14pm on August 11th 2019

    I did this successfully yesterday. Clicked on the time and date, post opened in a new tab, copied and pasted. DONE! However when I tried to do the same thing again today (and I tried w/ multiple posts) none would open in a new tab like yesterday. GRRRR!! I wanted to figure out a way to save my status posts, because Facebook has been taking them off, saying that the “content is unavailable…because the owner selected only a small group to share it with, changed who could see it, or it was deleted.” Well, it was deleted alright, but Facebook had to do it because I didn’t. That was the third time in 2 days!! Nothing I have ever posted has been inappropriate. I just don’t get it…

    1. Todd at 10:44am on August 17th 2019

      Bloody Facebook bugs!

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