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Spaghetti Blog

Tuesday 7th July 2020

#HappyBirthdaySpaghetti – What A Difference A Year Makes

Sat 30th Apr 2016
By Todd
Brand, Branding

In May 2015 we rebranded our business as Spaghetti Agency to a fully-booked launch party at a ranch in Warwickshire.


We launched this website and our wild west brand to a check-shirted, gun shooting, burger munching crowd on May 1st 2015.


We trended on Twitter, we were visited by our local MP, and the brand that we worked on for over six months received a warm reception from friends, family and lovely fellow networkers.


As you’ll remember if you knew us back in the old days, we used to be known as Jo’s Correctional Facility.


JCF on Facebook

#HappyBirthdaySpaghetti – What A Difference A Year Makes

We knew we needed a new website, but when we went for a website kick-off meeting, the folk at Edge of the Web said we simply couldn’t continue without re-branding. So we did.


What followed was a six month campaign of storytelling and sneaky updates of our new brand, and you may remember our April Fool’s faux brand launch too…

DOGital Marketing

Yup… we got a few folk raising a few eyebrows over that one…



But of course it was a fake. We hadn’t lost our minds entirely; it was just a little bit of fun one month ahead of the BIG launch. Anyone who knew us well realised that we wouldn’t have used the word ‘solutions’ in our name. Well spotted!


So on May 1st 2015 we relaunched as Spaghetti Agency because we’d used a wild west tone of voice and gung-ho style in our weekly email…


The Friday Digital Roundup from Jo and Todd

Not many people know this but the wild west branding inspiration came from our weekly email The Friday Digital Roundup. The guys at Edge of the Web liked our ‘Howdy’ intros and ‘Yeehaa’ style and they set the tone for the wild west brand that we now love.


Fast forward a year and we’re wearing cowboy outfits, boots and hats at networking meetings and events. Jo has far too many cactus related pieces of clothing, and can’t buy enough handbags with tassles on.


… yup – we’re really living this brand!


It’s a busy one at Tamworth 4N! #4NWorks #4NIsDifferent

A photo posted by SocialMediaTodd (@socialmediatodd) on

Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Tweet no evil. #spaghettiagency at your service! #speaking #SocialMedia #stratforduponavon A photo posted by SocialMediaTodd (@socialmediatodd) on


Just off out for a #MoonlightWalk for @mytonhospices. Got some sensible clothes on! #Cowboy #SpaghettiAgency #WildWest

A photo posted by SocialMediaTodd (@socialmediatodd) on

Keeping it #WildWest this morning! #SpaghettiAgency #marketing #PublicSpeaking A photo posted by SocialMediaTodd (@socialmediatodd) on

Spaghetti Agency - Todd, Jo and Laure


#SpaghettiAgency lunch. This is the first time (most) of the team have all been together! #socialmedia #Marketing #WarwickRocks

A photo posted by SocialMediaTodd (@socialmediatodd) on


And we’ve grown too!

We’ve nabbed some experts on social, content, design, SEO, Adwords, PR, email, hosting, WordPress, proofreading, and more. We’ve come a long way in a year and we’re pushing on for the next 12 months too. 

A special ‘howdy’ to Charlotte and Suzee who have both joined Team Spag in the last week. It’s a good time to get on board our wagon train!




Thank you…


Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for reading our blogs. Thank you for opening our emails, following our tweets, putting up with Todd’s over-sharing on Facebook, watching our YouTube and Periscope channels, and coming to our workshops and the Social Saloon…


… and thank you for telling everyone about us!


It’s been so much more than we’d ever imagined – it’s been WILD!


Spaghetti Agency is here to stay and this is the first of many birthdays. We LOVE helping businesses with their marketing and social media and we’re getting more and more involved with every update.


If you’re thinking about doing something HUGE, then here’s our advice – JFDI! (A year ago today you’ll wish you had!)



Cheers, partner! 

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