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Wednesday 19th June 2024

How To Change Your Facebook Business Page (In Three Easy Steps)

Tue 26th May 2015
By Todd
Facebook, Facebook Pages

We recently rebranded our business and found that making changes online were by far the biggest challenge. It’s amazing how much online content you have with your web address and brand on, isn’t it?!

One area we needed to rebrand and rename was our Facebook Page.

This wasn’t as simple as it could be… it was a royal pain in the arse, in fact!

Facebook make it purposefully difficult to change the Page name. Its aim is to stop spammy Pages getting loads of likes and then changing their identity to be sold on as another type of Page (an early trend for the click bait-type Pages).

This means that for honest folk like us, it’s not a simple process.

Here’s how you can change your Facebook Page name without sending in utility bills or searching for hours on the Facebook forum.

pablo (14)

How To Change Your Facebook Business Page (In Three Easy Steps)

1) Rebrand Your Page first – Show Facebook You’re Serious

Lets start with the rebranding bits first. If you’re changing your Page name then you need to demonstrate to Facebook that you’re serious. Rebranding your Page and changing all the copy is easy, but doing it first is essential.

Here’s a quick tick sheet and ‘how to’: 

Change your header image and profile picture.

The image sizes for Facebook are 180 x 180 pixels for the avatar and 851 x 315 pixels for the banner image. It gets a bit technical with mobile so here’s a great post from Jon Loomer about the technical sizing and areas to focus on. Get a graphic designer to help you or send us an email and we’ll organise it.

  • Log in as your Page on Facebook
  • Click on your profile name at the top so that you’re on your profile’s page
  • Click on the camera icon on the banner and upload a new one
  • Do the same for the avatar and change that too.


Changing your Facebook Page artwork and profile picture


Change your website links and email

If you’re changing your domain on your website then change your website URL on Facebook too and any mentions of your old brand. Also make sure that you change your email in your ‘About’ section which will have your old domain on.


Changing your Facebook website links and email


2) Change Your About Section Copy

Then change your About section and your Page name and URL (this was the messy bit).

Click on ‘About’ to get to the right section of your Page.

Click ‘Change Facebook Web Address’ and change it to your new name (so we became You can only do this a few times in the lifetime of the Page so please get it right – and proofread it!

This changes straight way so you’ll need to update all links to your Facebook page from your website, email and other online sites like Eventbrite, Mailchimp, blogs etc…


Changing your Facebook Page URL web address


Then change your ‘About’ copy.

We left our ‘Short Description’ the same. The content for the Page would still be the same and to be honest it’s best to do this even if you’re going to radically change your output as Facebook is cautious of change. So maybe tell a little white lie here if you’re planning on changing what you post on Facebook after the name change.

Change your ‘Long description’ into a kind of press release of the re-brand. This is not for a press release or even for your audience… this is for Facebook.

Change it to something like: “We’re rebranding to XXX and changing this Page to XXX. We’ll still be giving you XXX and XXX just under the new brand of XXX”.

This demonstrates to Facebook (when you submit the changes) that you really are changing your brand and what you’re changing it to. You can’t tell them in any other way so this is very important. A Facebook moderator will read this so it’s like an email to them.


Changing your Facebook Page Name - The About section


3) Change The Page Name

Hover over ‘Name’ and then click edit. Now you can change your Page name… or at least request Facebook to do it.


Changing your Facebook Page name


Follow the instructions. Save it.

Then wait three weeks… 

… Seriously…

… Facebook won’t change it right away as they have to make sure it’s a change that’s not too different and they will read that About section press release (which is why you need to do it).

They approved ours and then told us that they would leave it for two weeks to make sure that anyone who liked the page was ‘OK’ with it. I’m not sure how they checked (if at all) but it was left with that new about description unchanged for around two weeks.

Then, and only then, the page name (the name you comment with) was changed.


And that’s it! You’re all set…


So to change your Page name you need to make sure you do these three things:

  • Rebrand your Page
  • Change your about section to a statement about your change and why it’s changing. For a few weeks your About section is like a lamp post poster for planning permission!
  • Then change your Facebook Page name and click save and wait for Facebook to review it.


Facebook do make life difficult. With all the content we had to rebrand online when we changed to Spaghetti this was by far the hardest and longest changeover period.

They do check it and we did mess it up first time around.


Good luck, and give us a shout if you need any help.

Any questions about Facebook Page changes? Hit me up in the comments below…

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6 comments on this article

  • Neil Batchelor at 16:57pm on May 29th 2015

    If only there was a magic “Now We’re Called” internet button that will change all the social profiles, directory listings, Yellow Pages……..

    1. Todd at 15:09pm on May 31st 2015


      I’ve lost days (possible a week) sorting it all.

      But… I’ve rather enjoyed it! 😉

  • Tania Angelis at 9:47am on May 30th 2015

    Perfect timing for this article Todd – thank you! While my domain name is my name, I’ll be re-writing it to reflect the changes I’m making, and my FB page is part of the changes. Not sure I’ll need to change the name of my page just yet, but the header will be a good place to start, plus I’ll start posting the kind of stuff that will be more in keeping with my business changes as a whole.

    Thank you once again for a really great helpful post!

    1. Todd at 15:08pm on May 31st 2015

      Hey Tania.

      It’s a pleasure. Re-branding was a big journey and I love to share my findings.

      Give me a shout if you need any help.

  • JB at 12:37pm on March 21st 2018

    I asked to change my FB name from “123 Videography” (Because there’s like 3 of them on FB…oh, and thats a fake name for the same of this comment) to 123 Films.

    I have a URL redirector that takes visitors to to

    Even my FB business profile pic says “123 Films”.

    But FB came back and said:

    If you’re requesting this name change for a rebrand, please reply to this message and include a document that shows the new name of your business.

    Examples of appropriate documentation include:

    – A press release or news article about the rebranding
    – Notarized Articles of Incorporation (for a corporation)
    – A link to your official website that states the changes

    So now I’m thinking “Who’s gonna do a press release about my little business changing the name?”
    And for the last suggestion, I wonder; do I just make a blog post on saying “Oh hey, we changed out name to 123Films”?

    1. Todd at 8:33am on March 22nd 2018

      Ha. This is so annoying but keep persevering. Facebook aren’t coming back as a human. Make sure you have all the bio and links and content and images and everything changed over and included some text in your bio that you’re changing the name. ?

      I would also go back on the replies to say that you’re not happy with the response and say why. That seems to escalate it.

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