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Spaghetti Blog

Saturday 22nd June 2024

“I Didn’t Say She Stole the Money”… (The Danger of the Written Word)

Blogging, Content Marketing, Facebook, networking, Social Media

The online world is strange, and in many respects very dangerous. If you’ve ever got yourself into an argument online or failed to make your point on social media then this week’s blog is for you.

I wanted to get my point across as best I could so I thought I’d put it on video as the written word can be taken in so many different ways – including the opposite way from what was intended.

So this week you need to watch me, so you can hear the words, and see me talking about the topic, so you don’t get the wrong end of the stick.

“I Didn’t Say She Stole the Money”… (The Danger of the Written Word)

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Have you ever got the wrong end of the stick online? What’s your view on using more video to come across as authentic?

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8 comments on this article

  • Kon Frankowski at 9:00am on January 24th 2017

    Also, use emojis. Verbal communication consists only 8% of the message you’re trying to convey. Without being able to present your emotions and body language you’ve got a higher chance to get misconstrued <– a friendly face suggesting that my intentions are pure.

    1. Todd at 9:38am on January 24th 2017

      Totally agree! Especially if you use Cowboy ones!

      1. Kon Frankowski at 9:57am on January 24th 2017

        Yeeeehaa!!! Or a rocket! Which reminds me – I need to change a Gravatar!

  • Diane at 7:48am on January 25th 2017

    Excellent way to do your blog and a very interesting point made. Thanks,

    1. Todd at 15:02pm on February 8th 2017

      Thanks. I’ll be doing more of these!

  • Gary Heath at 8:47am on January 26th 2017

    A very true comment…… I learnt this many years ago with a Robinsons squash advert on the TV. They used the same script, actors, scene but said the script in a different tone of voice and completely changed the advert. There was 2 or 3 examples of the same advert. Very Clever.

    1. Todd at 15:02pm on February 8th 2017

      Wow! Blast from the past. Great ads and so very true!

  • Charlie Budd at 7:00am on January 27th 2017

    Really good points. It’s so easy to be misinterpreted. I almost always re-read what I’ve just written, to make sure it’s as unambiguous as possible (unless I’m being deliberately ambiguous, for a benevolently mischievous purpose.) And I frequently use emojis. As Kon pointed out, they can help clarify intention. And I’m sorry Todd, they are almost always and ❤, not , although for some reason is amongst my most used emojis. ❤❤❤

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