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Saturday 22nd June 2024

Not Everyone Can Send it Like Beckham!

Facebook, Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

For a long time now people have been tweeting me stuff to retweet, emailing me content to share, tagging me in links to post and generally asking for us to help them share their stuff. It’s very flattering but it’s also interesting that people asking think I have a magic wand.

I don’t.

I don’t have a magic social media wand.

Social media is great and I do have a good reach on social… but it’s not always going to work and sharing other people’s content once or twice isn’t going to make much of a difference.

You see, my social media is my social media. The content I share, the connections I have, and the reach I get is all geared towards two things – me and my content.

You’ll be the same.

Simply getting me to share something on social or getting me on board with your Thing to use my social media reach is naive.

It doesn’t ensure you’ll get anything.

Sure, if I’m speaking at an event I might draw in some people… but not just from social media.

I’ll draw them from my email list, my Facebook group, and my other social posts.

I’ll also draw them from the title of my talk and then the fact that I give good talks.

I’m not showing off here, I’m trying to explain – it’s not just the social media!

Not Everyone Can Send it Like Beckham!

I know this because when I rely solely on social media, it doesn’t bring much either.

I also know this because I spend a lot of time on the content, social posts, comments, and more to get the reach and interactions that I get.

You don’t simply buy that exposure. Well, unless you’re paying a Kardashian on Instagram.

It’s like this:

My social media is not a TV chat show where you can come on as a guest and promo your book.

(This can work well if done well, by the way.)

For me to make your Thing a success due to my ‘influence’, I have to go all in – and in many instances I simply won’t be able to.

… and that’s the point of this post.


You need to be all in.

Don’t expect social media to give you results if you’re not all in.

Don’t expect email to work if you’re not working at it.

Don’t expect your website to work if you’re not improving it.

Don’t expect your book to sell, your event to sell out, your group to grow, or your products to sell if you’re not making every effort to do just that.

I go all in… and that’s why I have a decent following and from the outside it ‘seems’ that I can get a lot done from a few social media posts.


I sold my car on Facebook last week…

Last week the time came to sell my trusty steed. Within 20 minutes, I’d sold my second hand Audi. It took little effort… or did it?

Actually what I did was apply my writing ability, my mobile photography skills, and some honesty merged with years and years of posting daily and engaging frequently.

  • When I post, people see it.
  • When I post, I apply the knowledge of what makes people stop scrolling past.
  • When I post, I go all in.

So yeah, I’m a Social Media ‘expert’… but when all is said and done, it was a cheap but decent car and a well-written post.

That’s it.

Give me your car to sell and it probably won’t unless there’s something unique about it.


So what’s the point of this post?

The point is, I’m not a quick fix to your social media, I’m just a bit of proof it works. I’m here to help you get great results with it, not to be someone to ping a link to expecting massive results.

In the past I’ve certainly generated noise and exposure to events, products and more, but I went all in.

So as happy as I am to share the odd link or comment on something or even speak at your event, it’s not the ONLY thing you should be doing to market it; I’m sadly not a magic pill.

I think the arrival of ‘proper’ social media influencers (which I’m not) has made people think this way.

Instagram stars with 20k followers get stuff sent for free to ‘expose’ the branded gear or products. But that won’t be the only marketing they’re doing and these big brands love spending cash on ‘exposure’ and being affiliated to celebrities.

Apparently Snoop Dogg makes $8,000 for a single tweet, Kim Kardashian gets paid $10,000, and Charlie Sheen has been paid up to $50,000 per tweet.

Lots of young fans will buy products because the cast of Geordie Shore endorse them and they want to look like or be like them. That’s OK so long as everyone’s aware of what’s going on. And if you’ve got a little black book with some celebrity contact details in it then by all means get in touch and see what you can do!

Social media sites are powerful (my own channels certainly have been) but when you’re a ‘normal’ person or business owner they’re not the magic pill or quick fix everyone seems to think they are.

Go all in or go home?

Well that certainly seems to be the way it’s worked for me.

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