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Spaghetti Blog

Monday 16th May 2022

Spaghetti Agency – Our Brand Values

Fri 12th Nov 2021

When people think of a brand they often think of the logo, colours, and typefaces involved in the visual identity.

If they have some marketing knowledge they may think of the messaging and tone of voice which also contribute to the identity of the brand.

Some clever people may even think of the strategy, positioning, and business plan or logical brain of the brand.

But few will ever think of the heart of the brand which is like its soul. It’s here where you’d find the brand values.

Spaghetti Brand Values

What are brand values?

Brand values are the guiding principles that drive your brand’s internal culture and external connection. They create the moral compass of your business. They help to define the culture of your business – and how you get things done. When team members all share the same set of core values as the company, and everyone walks the walk and talks the talk, morale can be boosted.

Brand values are a core set of beliefs that you use to build your business activity around. They also help you make key operating decisions. Not only this, but they help distinguish your brand from your competition.

Brand values should filter through every area of your business, from the office atmosphere and how you run your team, to the images you put out on your social media.

Brands that don’t abide by a defined set of values seem empty when you interact with them especially over multiple interactions and can also seem like every other brand in the niche.

Whereas brands that embrace and live by their values through every channel and interaction have a depth to them that makes interacting with them feel like a genuine and memorable experience.

So, what about us? What are our brand values?


Spaghetti Agency brand values


“Work hard, play hard.” (Fun and professionalism)

We might seem fairly ‘informal’ for a business-related service because we don’t think being ‘professional’ by corporate business standards means you’re good – it just means you’re boring. We’re fun. But we get shit done. We’re the kind of cowboys and cowgirls who will spend the day putting in hard work at the ranch, whether it’s rounding up the cattle, shooting the bad guys or milking the cows all day. But as soon as the jobs done, we’ll bust down the saloon doors to the pub and start pouring some whisky.

Whilst we absolutely love what we do, and what we’ve created at Spaghetti Agency, as a team we share a firm belief that life is all about balance and positive health (physically and mental). We deem it the fundamentals of a good life and it’s proven you can’t work to your best potential if you’re not happy. So, we never pressure anyone, working hard is important, but so is balance!


“Hold Onto The Reins.” (Continual Improvement)

We never settle. At the time of writing this we’ve just moved into new offices – and we’re already thinking about an old bank or stables to match our western branding. (Drop us a yeehaa if you know of an empty bank.)

Continual self-improvement is one thing, but we also want improvement for our clients. It’s what gives us that buzz and the drive to carry on. Whether it’s seeing Facebook Ads turn into an increase in sales or a huge surge in website traffic, we share the joys and the pains, and we’ll celebrate or fix it… with you.


“No Bull, Just Beef.” (Transparency)

One of our core values at Spaghetti Agency is transparency. We believe this is important on all levels whether it’s relationships with clients, employees, and friends.We give you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Every decision made is a part of a strategy, and nothing gets uploaded, changed without being assessed and discussed. If you’re spending your hard-earned bucks on marketing, you want to see where it’s going and how it’s working.

Transparency is such an integral value to us that it’s included in our strapline… No Bull, Just Beef.


“Shoot from the hip.” (Honesty)

Honestly, honesty is one of the core ethos at Spaghetti Agency. We take a straight-up approach to anything, whether it’s internally working together or working with our clients. But why?

Because it cuts out a lot of crap. Let’s face it, if you’re a client and giving us control of Facebook managers, Google ads or something else important, you’re going to want to trust us as well as see some results. That’s why we have regular catch-ups with you to check up on projects we’re working on together, and we’ll be the first to tell you if something isn’t working or if we’ve made a mistake.

And, we’re that honest – if we have an initial chat and we don’t think we’re the right fit for each other, we’ll gently say so and help you find someone else who might be a better fit.

…. We’re THAT honest, that we couldn’t let the header image fool you …

Standing on a box

What about you? Have you defined your brand values? How do they fit into your culture? Let us know.

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