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Saturday 22nd June 2024

Why Facebook ‘Gets It’ – And What You Can Learn About Overwhelm…

Tue 27th Feb 2018
By Todd

Facebook recently updated their timeline and the algorithm behind it.

I’m not going to go into that here, but effectively they’ve put a stop to organic reach (free posting) from Business Pages.

Why? Well, let’s be honest it’s largely down to money! At the end of the day Facebook is a business. Business Pages now all need financial investment (Facebook Ads) or they’ll just about cling onto the final few people who still see them.

But it’s also because Facebook get it.

The internet got busy. Google is becoming useless. Social media is overwhelming.

Facebook understand that we, the user, can only cope with a finite number of content and messages.

Facebook get it. Do you?

Why Facebook Gets it and What You Can Learn About Overwhelm...

Why Facebook ‘Gets It’ – And What You Can Learn About Overwhelm…

Every day you’re inundated with messages. Away from social media you’re still receiving millions of messages.

But let’s look at the issue Facebook have. I run a group on Facebook. It’s one of over 650 Million groups on Facebook. That group alone can have up to 5,000 posts a month.

Seriously. That’s 166 messages a day. In one group. Out of 650 million!


Facebook know this. They know that if you’re in 10 Groups on Facebook then you don’t actually wants 1,660 posts a day from them to add to your friends AND all the Pages you Like!

They know you’d be overwhelmed trying to keep up with all that content, and they created Timeline to help fix this. To stop the overwhelm. To keep you on Facebook!


So lets turn it around on you…

What are you putting out online? What are you publishing – and how on Earth is it going to impact on the potential 300, 400, 500 posts that someone will see on Facebook alone?

How will you show up and stand out on the potential 3 – 400 posts on Instagram, the unlimited posts on Twitter, and the phenomenal number of results a Google search shows up?

You need to start focusing on this, because the online world is busier than ever and only Facebook and a few of the other social media channels seem to understand this.

Businesses seem to forget it all together.

All this online marketing is becoming useless.

Online, social media – it’s becoming unusable!

Your one post a week, your automated drivel, and your lack of promotion on Facebook are about as much use as a blue T-Shirt in Mark Zuckerberg’s wardrobe!

The ways most businesses are using social media and online marketing are well and truly over, and our great content is in danger too.


Standing out is now way more important than showing up

Finding or growing communities you can make an impact on is now now powerful than growing a large following, especially on Facebook where you have to pay to reach the audience you grew.

Some things you need to think about:

  • So what? Do this test to every single thing you put on the internet. Ask yourself “So what?”, because everyone else will.
  • Why? Why would anyone bother clicking on your link or commenting on your post or watching your video?
  • What? What are you adding and why is it different to what anyone else is adding in your circle, community, or tribe.
  • Where? Where are you adding value? Where could you make more impact? Where should you be showing up and getting involved in conversation and sharing your thoughts, vision and content?

Welcome to overwhelm Point

Welcome to overwhelm point. Which route are you going to take?

Marketing is all about changing with the times and social media can be harsh. It’s constantly evolving and changing.

If you’re still doing the same stuff you did last year then you’ve already lost.

Adding value and showing up doesn’t work if it’s the same old value in the wrong place.

It’s time to really ask yourself what you’re doing online and take a look at what Facebook are doing with their platform.

If they’re worried people aren’t consuming content and they’re seeing ad revenue drop, then you should be looking to improve your online content too.

  • Do video! But do it well and do it differently and consistently in the right place.
  • Create a blog for your website, but don’t do what everyone else is doing and don’t expect it to go viral or rank on Google.
  • Use social media, but don’t just add connections on LinkedIn and post a few photos on Instagram and expect that to increase sales.


We’re overwhelmed! What are you going to do about it? How is your content better, and why should we choose you?

So what? Ask yourself that… it’ll really make you think.



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3 comments on this article

  • Marc StoW at 7:54am on February 28th 2018

    This is the first time have read a blog of yours #SorryNotSorry, I understand the overwhelming amount of content that is online these days, I could just spend all sat on my backside reading content, blogs, insta, facebook etc… thank you for this blog, I have picked the right one to read for sure, its got me thinking how I could use Facebook to better serve my business. thanks Cowboy

    1. Todd at 12:49pm on March 1st 2018

      OMG! (I totally get that this is the first, but not the last).

      I’m glad I got you thinking…. as small business marketer, we all need to keep thinking.

      1. Maggie Nicholls at 10:51am on March 2nd 2018

        A good read as always and I get it, I really do.

        Why should we businesses expect ‘free’ advertising? I’m happy to pay and will continue to do so, although clearly my budget needs to increase.

        But what I have a problem with is having to constantly learn new behaviours. I’m a small business owner and social media marketing is essential to my online business.

        But it is only a part of what I need to do and I feel my own overwhelm as a small business owner. I just can’t keep up with all the platforms and changing trends even though I’m focusing on just a few platforms.

        The situation almost makes me want to call it a day and go back to good old face to face business and stop selling and marketing online all together. Almost!

        Some really helpful questions to ask myself in there before I post. I will be posting less, forgetting the just show up to be remembered principle, but hopefully better content. And clearly, for now at least, video is the way forward.

        Very thought provoking and helpful, thank you!

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