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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Your Opinion Matters in Your Marketing

Brand, Branding, Marketing, Storytelling

Opinions. We’ve all got them and you could be forgiven for not sharing all of your opinions – I certainly don’t. But, after my recent rant about social media automation and the laziness of marketing in the business world because of it, I wanted to throw an opinion about opinions into the arena.

Your opinion matters. It matters to others and it matters to your audience, customers and clients. 
It matters because it’s what makes you and your company YOU! It sets you apart. It’s probably why you started your business. 

I started because I was sick of awful social media drivel being pumped out by companies paid to do others’ social media. It annoyed me so much that I started training SMEs to do it, hoping they’d be persuaded not to outsource it to some lazy automated marketing company. 

Your Opinion Matters in Your Marketing

Your Opinion Matters in Your Marketing

What’s your reason? What are your thoughts on your industry? Any new rules or updates? You know, those things you really have an opinion on – share those. 

Last week I had three offers/opportunities off the back of content I posted on social media. It wasn’t someone else’s blog post scheduled from Meet Edgar or Hootsuite!

I posted my thoughts on A-Levels on my personal Facebook. I shared several posts on Facebook about all manner of topics, sharing my thoughts in detail.

I’ve also been sharing thoughts on LinkedIn about the state of marketing and social media. 

The result has been an offer to work with a company locally, thanks to the A-Level post, an offer to be featured in a book about entrepreneurs from the Facebook posts, and I’ve been asked to be on a podcast too, thanks to all of the above. 


Who knows where those opportunities will lead, but here’s the point: none of them resulted from automating links from the Daily Mail, tech news or some quote Einstein said. They all came from my ‘storytelling’, my ‘inspirational posts and the fact that I’m giving a shit. 

Sure, lots of people will think I’m an arse for saying that A-Levels ain’t a thing, or for going up against some poor thinking about how social media should be done, but some didn’t. Some of them took it upon themselves to inbox me or contact me and say, “I like you and want to work with you.” The great thing is, these people already ‘get’ me. 

You are an expert. You have unique thoughts, views and opinions on your industry, trade or profession. I’m not suggesting you go out and rant about it (unless you want to) – I’m merely asking you to consider creating your own content from your own views and being brave enough to put them online. 

Oh, and if you’re really brave, you can put them in a video.

I did, and two people messaged me to tell me that they really like my videos. Funny how powerful your face and voice can be, isn’t it? 

CONNECT with people through your view and content. It starts some great conversations, and as Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies will tell you, “Everything starts from a little conversation.”

Start some. Have an opinion. And please stop relying on automating or simply linking to stuff you’ve read. You’ll get fewer interesting opportunities and business


My question to you this week is this:

What do you feel passionate about in your business? Share that. Create some content that divides opinion or at least gets you taking to someone who’s not talked to you before. 

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