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Wednesday 24th July 2024

13 Ways Everyone Knows You’re Using Chat GPT To Write Your Content 

AI, AI Generated Content, Copy AI, Copywriting

13 Ways Everyone Knows You’re Using Chat GPT To Write Your Content

I’m here to spill the beans on THE hot topic in the marketing world: AI-generated content.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good AI tool – they can be lifesavers for saving time and coming up with ideas. (Though I sincerely hope it they stick to being helpful companions rather than digital dictators. Here’s why we don’t think AI will replace copywriters completely.) 

But when not used properly, AI language tools can churn out content that’s beyond boring, not accurate, and goes as far as ridiculously bad.  

So, how can you tell if someone’s been relying a bit too heavily on their digital assistant?  

Here are the tell-tale signs.

1. Consistent tone? More like robotic drone

If you’re reading a LinkedIn post that sounds like it’s been written by someone with the emotions of a brick, you might be onto something. AI-generated content often sticks to one tone, never veering off the well-trodden path. Humans, on the other hand, throw in a joke, an anecdote, or a bit of sass. Especially cowgirls. If it feels like you’re listening to a monotone lecture, it’s probably the work of our robot overlords. 

 2. Déjà vu? Repetition is the name of the game

AI has a knack for repeating itself. If you find the same phrases or ideas popping up like that one annoying ad you can’t escape, it’s a good sign someone’s not fine-tuning their AI’s output. Repetition can be a dead giveaway that the content wasn’t crafted by a human hand. Snore. 😴 

 3. Generic to the max

Ever read something that feels like it’s talking to everyone and no one at the same time? That’s AI for you. Without the right prompts, AI tends to generate content that’s dull and generic. Specificity and nuance are what make content engaging – and that’s where humans shine.

4. Perfect grammar, zero personality

When the grammar is so perfect it makes proofreaders like me rejoice, and yet there’s no soul in the words, you’re probably looking at AI output. I’m a self-confessed pedant so I love a bit of accuracy, but AI’s over-polished sentences can feel like they’re missing something.  

5. Dry as a Wild West desert

You know how there are zero personal anecdotes or emotional insights? AI can’t share its last holiday adventure or how it felt about last night’s Netflix show. (Just finished Clarkson’s Farm and LOVED IT, by the way.) Content that feels impersonal and lacks human touch is probably generated by AI.

6. Factual faux pas

AI is great at sounding confident, even when it’s confidently wrong. If you spot glaring factual errors presented with the assuredness of an expert, there’s a good chance it’s AI talking bollocks. Double-check those “facts”!

7. Missing the mark

Context is key, and AI can sometimes miss it by a mile. If the content feels a bit off, like it’s answering a question nobody asked, it’s likely because the AI wasn’t properly guided. Contextual awareness is something humans just use naturally. 

8. Phrase overload

Phrases like “It is worth noting that” and “In conclusion” can be a sign that AI’s been at work. AI tends to lean on the same awful formal corporate jargon heavily. I rant a lot about these on LinkedIn so feel free to follow me there for more examples of these. 

9. Jarring jumps

When content jumps from one idea to the next without smooth transitions, it’s like reading a book with missing pages. AI language models sometimes struggle with logical flow, making content feel choppy and disjointed. But it still organises information better than I do, so I’ll let that slide. 

10. Tech tools tell the tale

When in doubt, there are tools designed to sniff out AI-generated content. If you think it’s AI it probably is, but a quick run through these detectors can confirm your hunch.  

11. Emotionally tone-deaf

If a post tries to be funny and misses the mark badly it’s probably AI. We humans usually know when to dial back the awkward. (Except Todd.) 

12. Too much jargon

When a post is stuffed with so much jargon and long words it feels like you need a translator just to get through it, it’s likely to be AI. That said, there are a lot of humans around using words like ‘utilise’ in spoken conversation, and that makes my teeth itch. 

13. Overly enthusiastic! Yeehaa!

Ever see a post get way too excited about something mundane, like updating a spreadsheet or organising a sock drawer? That’s AI for you, turning the mundane into a space launch. But it’s positive and quite cute, so we’ll let that slide. Just remember to let it know to be a bit more cool/sarcastic/whatever when you do your prompting if you want it to be more like you. 

That’s it 

So, there’s my handy guide to spotting AI-generated content. Next time you’re scrolling through LinkedIn, keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs. If it feels like it’s written by a very polite but slightly clueless alien and it has lots of rocket emojis, you’re on the right track! 🚀 

AI is a powerful tool, but like any tool, it needs the right user and the right instructions.  

At Spaghetti Agency, we believe in blending the best of both worlds – human creativity and AI efficiency – to create content that truly resonates.If you’d like to talk to someone about your content, just pick up the phone and speak to a human about it, or send us a Telegram. 

Until next time, stay savvy, stay curious, and don’t let the robots take over (just yet). 🤖 


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