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Friday 24th November 2017

3 Simple Tips For Facebook Live You Might Not Have Thought About

Wed 8th Feb 2017
By Todd
Facebook, Social Media

Facebook Live is Facebook’s new baby.

It’s a powerful platform and it’s great to see so many people getting Live and broadcasting. But much like when Periscope came out, there’s a lot of testing and trial and error posting.

I look after a Live channel on a Saturday morning for 4Networking and with that has come a fast and steep learning curve on making the most from Facebook Live. All presenters are accomplished speakers, but it doesn’t mean they automatically know how to deal with live video.

I was asked recently about re-purposing the content from a live video… So here we are:

Here are three tips to make your Facebook Live content worth re-purposing…

Facebook Live is a great way to gain more reach and engagement as Facebook seems to be giving more focus to the broadcasts in the timelines with their algorithm.

For more tips on Facebook Live read “How to Use Facebook Live: Tips and Tricks for Broadcasters and Viewers” next…

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