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Spaghetti Blog

Saturday 15th December 2018

A List Of Local Networking Events And Groups In Warwickshire

networking, networking events, Warwickshire networking

(Updated October 2018)

I’ve been asked a couple of times if I have a list of local networking groups, so people can check them out and see which ones they’re keen on before committing to join.

Well, local networking fans, you’re in luck.

Here’s my reasonably comprehensive list of events in the Warwick, Leamington, Stratford and Kenilworth areas.

If you know of any others that you feel should be included, please email me and I’ll add them on and keep this updated.

I hope it helps.


Coventry and Warwickshire Chamber of Commerce

4Networking (Disclosure: Todd is a member and Group Leader of Leamington Evening. It’s hugely popular!)

The Connexion, Warwick (Fourth Thursday of the month) Email Jo if you’d like an invite.

Business Biscotti – Leamington Spa  Coventry, Stratford, Solihull

Federation of Small Businesses 

Socially Shared (Facebook Page)

BOB club (Business Over Breakfast) (Currently dormant)


Leam Tweetup (Currently dormant)


Stratford Business Forum

Warwick Works (Currently dormant)

Leamington Business Forum

Leamington Hour Live

Ladies First

Women In Rural Enterprise

Bundeh in Business (Blokes in Business)

Bindis In Business

Woman Who  

Warwickshire Athena Network


Happy networking!

Know of more? Let me know in the comments and we’ll add them on!

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Copywriter at Spaghetti Agency, helping small businesses get found online. Furmummy to a Beagle and a Chihuahua.

10 comments on this article

  • Seánna Holland at 8:22am on June 24th 2015

    Hi Todd and Jo, Please could you add us to the list of events and networking groups? We run monthly social events which are open to anyone and generally free to attend. We also host quarterly paid events which we aim to get high quality speakers at.
    Thank you!

    1. Todd at 8:29am on July 10th 2017

      Added !

    2. Jo at 10:14am on June 24th 2015

      Hi, yes of course! Please can I have the best link?

    1. Todd at 9:24am on June 25th 2015

      Oooh… techy stuff! Yup, we’ll add that!

    1. Jo at 12:06pm on June 26th 2015

      Never heard of that one, thank you Jeremy.

  • Paul Walker at 15:16pm on June 30th 2017

    Hi Todd,
    Thanks for this, great work

    The link to ardencote business network, formerly known as ABN is no more!

    However.. ABN and its band of merry members is still alive and kicking!!, in our 3rd year, and now at our great new venue;

    Hallmark Welcombe Golf Club, Stratford.

    Ascendancy Business Network
    3rd Tuesday of every month, 10am-11.45am.

    Contact me for details 🙂

    07791 986181

    Thank you!

  • Karen Heap at 21:22pm on July 9th 2017

    We run a business support network for women. We have meetings in Rugby, Solihull, Kenilworth, Stratford and Coventry from September.
    Socially Shared is a welcoming and supportive group, which is affordable and inclusive. Each meeting has a mini workshop covering a topic that the ladies who attend tell us they want to know more about e.g. social media, marketing, customer service and so much more!
    We would very much welcome being added to the list and we would also invite any businesses that are attending events or hosting them to add them to our website for free
    Many thanks,
    Karen & Rebecca

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