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Spaghetti Blog

Wednesday 19th June 2024

How Much Does Spaghetti Agency Digital Marketing Cost?

Tue 24th Oct 2023
Content, Digital marketing

If you’re reading this, it means you’re thinking about getting in touch about working together, but you don’t know whether we’re cheap as chips or breathtakingly expensive.   

The first thing you should know is that we believe in transparent pricing, so to help you make a decision about taking that first step, we’re explaining how our pricing works here. We’re telling you everything truthfully to make it as easy as possible for you so you can get the information you need before getting in touch.  

At Spaghetti Agency we specialise in content marketing, and our packages will be tailored depending on what’s needed. As we mention in our values we’re honest and will never try and sell you anything you don’t need.  

We manage the whole content creation process meticulously. To maintain our high standards, we have in-depth systems and processes at every stage of our work with you. For example, if we’re writing your website copy or blogs, we’ll research, create concepts, write, design, proofread, upload, and check what’s been done. To see more about what happens behind the scenes, follow our social media.  

The short answer about the pricing is, like many things, it depends. Yes, we know how annoying it is when people say that. But it depends because the price comes from a combination of working out what you need, and you deciding which services you choose.  

That said, we can give you some guidelines. 

How Much Does Spaghetti Agency Digital Marketing Cost? 

So here are the main options:   

  1. If you’re a solo, self-funding business owner, you may want to look at our Goldmine programme, which is a series of bespoke 121 training/strategy/consultancy to give you support and accountability. If you’re more in need of some short-term support, and you may have some ‘head trash’ getting in the way maybe Marketing Mentoring with Jo, who’s a qualified coach, could be helpful for you. 
  2. If you’re a leader in an established company or organisation employing a team, we’d typically speak about our ‘Done For You’ monthly retainer services. These typically include content packages, social media, SEO, authentic video, and/or Ads management. If you’re starting afresh with your marketing you may need an audit and a strategy first. Alternatively, you may want us to train your team on some aspect of social media. We tailor each package to suit your business, which we’ll work out when we chat. Investments start from £500 per month.   

What do I get for this?   

With effective content marketing, you can reach your target audience and increase conversions. We’ll help you to market with content to boost your revenue, grow your brand awareness and recognition, and build relationships with your prospects and customers.  

Our company has a multifunctional team, with a complementary range of skills and talent across marketing, account management, social media, design, and copywriting.   

That means that much of our costs are down to labour as well as the tools we need for our team to do their jobs effectively. Every individual at Spaghetti Agency is an integral part of our ability to succeed in giving our clients a brilliant service. We’re a small but close-knit team and we strive to improve the quality of life for each person in the agency – and their dogs. 🐶 

OK, but how do I find out the actual investment for what I want? 

To get the actual figure for your particular package, we’ll need to have a couple of calls.   

  • Call 1 with Jo = To discuss your business and your marketing aims and whether we’re potentially a good fit for each other. 
  • Call 2 with Todd = To work out the right package for you and the best strategy for your business marketing. 
  • Zoom with Todd = To go through a proposal which will be built together and based on what you’re expecting, with clear pricing and actions set.  

Yes we know it’s quite a few chats, but we need to understand your business, and diagnosis without investigation is malpractice. I know we’re cowboys and not doctors, but you get the analogy. 🤠 

These calls are important because:    

  • We jointly need to work out whether we’re the right fit for each other and;  
  • We need to work out whether we can help you with what you need.  

What happens when I get in touch?  

  1. Typically, your initial call is with Jo and involves her asking you a few questions to work out what you’re aiming to achieve and whether we’re the right people to help.   
  2. If it looks like we may be a good fit, Jo will book you a call with Todd to work out exactly which package would be the best for you, and he’ll be able to give you a full outline of costs and how it all works.   

If it’s not quite right we’re happy to part as friends and refer you on to someone who can help. With over 10 years in the game, we’ve got plenty of brilliant people in our little black book.  

  1. After speaking to Todd, we’ll send you a proposal with everything you’re expecting to see, including the investment, which you’ll have already discussed. There are no surprises around here.   
  2. When you’re happy, you sign the proposal during a Zoom call with Todd, and we get to work with the onboarding process. Yeehaa!   

Investment FAQs  

Do we offer discounts? 


What are the payment terms?  

Our payment terms are 7 days. If you don’t pay the invoice then, we release the bulls. To prevent that from happening, we sign you up to Go Cardless to make all of our lives as simple as possible. Go Cardless is fabulous because you’ll always be told when a payment is about to be taken and for how much. You’ll be able to stop the payment if you need to, and you’re legally protected if anything goes wrong.  

What are your Ts and Cs?  

Great question – they’re here and included in your proposal.  

What additional costs do I have to consider?  

Your package will include everything we agree to do, but you’ll need to factor in your own advertising spend with Google or Meta if we’re running paid ads on your behalf.   

You’ll need to put aside a bit of time during our first month working together for the onboarding process.   

Interested in booking a call?   


Get in touch here and we’ll set up an initial 20-minute chat with Jo to see whether we’re a good fit. If not, that’s cool, we won’t cry. We are cowboys, after all. 

But if you’d like to work with us, please know that we’ll do a little happy dance before working our butts off on your marketing.   

We look forward to speaking very soon.   

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