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Wednesday 19th June 2024

How Zoho Software Revolutionised Our Business

Wed 24th Apr 2024
Small Business, zoho

Before Zoho came into our lives, we were struggling to keep track of everything. With different apps for different tasks, our workflow was disjointed, and important information was falling through the cracks. In Todd’s words, “everything was stuck together with sticky tape”. But following a recommendation from our partners at Magnetar IT, we decided to give Zoho One a try. 

 Here’s how it panned out… 

How Zoho Software Revolutionised Our Business 

Transforming efficiency  

At Spaghetti Agency, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make our work smarter and more efficient. That’s why when we found ourselves drowning in a sea of apps and tools, we knew we needed a change. Enter Zoho One, the all-in-one suite of apps that’s transformed the way we do business. 

Organised chaos  

Before Zoho One came into our lives, we were struggling to keep track of everything. With different apps for different tasks, our workflow was disjointed, and important information was falling through the cracks. In Todd’s words, “everything was stuck together with sticky tape”. But following a recommendation from our partners at Magnetar IT, we decided to give Zoho One a try. 

Customer Management 

Zoho CRM is our go-to tool, the backbone of our daily grind. It’s like having a trusted assistant who keeps everything in check, from client details and beyond. With its user-friendly Kanban view, we can easily track our sales pipeline and manage tasks hassle-free. And we love the personal touch—we’ve added our own flair with custom features, making our CRM feel like a techie home sweet home. 

By integrating our external proposal software, we’ve streamlined the process, saving time and eliminating headaches. And with our phone and email systems linked up, we’re on the ball, staying in sync with client communications in real-time. It’s like having a bird’s-eye view of all our interactions and opportunities. 

The dashboard is our command centre, giving us the insights we need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the game. We’re even thinking about expanding its capabilities by bringing in data from other platforms like Trello. With customisable options galore, we’ve tailored Zoho CRM to fit us perfectly and show us what we want to know.  

Here’s what we said in our case study about Zoho CRM 


Next, we integrated Zoho Bookings into our workflow to simplify scheduling and appointment management. Bookings is our trusty sidekick, simplifying scheduling with just a few clicks. Now, our clients can book appointments directly through a link, and everything syncs up seamlessly with our calendars. If you book a call with me, I’ll ring you on the number you entered, at the time you requested. (The only thing that isn’t automated is my timekeeping.) We’ve customised our booking options to fit different types of meetings and calls, ensuring a smooth and tailored experience for our clients. Not just that but we also have a seamless booking option via the CRM and all the bookings are matched up to the contact wherever they are from leads, pipeline and company profile. Plus, with seamless integration with Zoom, transitioning from booking to meeting is a breeze, saving us precious time. 

But that’s not all—Zoho Bookings goes the extra mile with personalised reminders sent to our clients before their scheduled calls. These gentle nudges help reduce no-shows and keep our clients engaged and looking forward to our meetings. (We hope.) And with integration with our CRM, accessing meeting details is a snap, giving us a clear view of our sales pipeline and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. 

This is us talking about Zoho Bookings in our case study. 


With Zoho Flow, we’ve been able to automate repetitive tasks and streamline our processes like never before. From syncing up our website contact forms with our CRM to triggering notifications in our Slack channels, Zoho Flow has saved us countless hours of manual work. Zoho Flow ensures our sales processes stay on point with triggers for deal progression, so we never miss a follow-up or approval. Highlights are when we get a Slack message to say there’s a new enquiry to jump on, or when a proposal is signed and we get a Slack message which gives us all something to celebrate. 🎉 

Here’s tech whizz Rafael Macedo from Magnetar IT talking about Zoho Flow  

Email marketing 

And let’s not forget about Zoho Campaigns, which has revolutionised the way we engage with our audience. We were facing some data integrity issues, so finding a platform that seamlessly integrates with our CRM and is easy to use was essential. With Zoho Campaigns, we send our regular Friday Digital Roundup email as well as letting people know about our blogs and podcasts. Our IT partners, Magnetar IT, have set up templates that make it a breeze to insert content, and making changes to emails is simple, even if you’re not a tech expert. It’s brilliant to have the software connected with the other systems, unlike any of our previous email marketing software. Plus, keeping an eye on subscriber metrics, open rates, and clicks means we can tailor our follow-ups to each user’s engagement level.  

I’m here talking about email marketing with Zoho Campaigns



Finally, there’s Zoho People, which supports how we manage our team. With Zoho People, we can keep all of our employee information in one place, track performance reviews, make notes on 121 meetings, and even store contracts and equipment details securely. Team members can easily request time off which I can approve at the touch of a button. It’s been really handy for us, and cuts down on time spent looking for information.  

This is me discussing the HR side of things, Zoho People. 


Game-changing journey 

Overall, our journey with Zoho One has been a game-changer, completely transforming the way we work. It’s not just about efficiency, it’s also helped with structure and client focus.  

By investing in a flexible system that delivers consistent results, we’ve been able to build a hybrid team that thrives and has a clear focus. 

With unnecessary chatter eliminated (other than dog memes, obviously) and everything at our fingertips, we’re more equipped than ever to deliver top-notch service and results for our clients.  

The really cool thing is that Zoho got wind of how we were using their software and were so impressed that they invited us to do a case study!

Read the case study here. 


To chat to us about this or any of our systems and processes (oh we do love a process) get in touch.

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