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Thursday 9th July 2020

The Most Important Part of Your Video Marketing

Tue 6th Nov 2018
By Todd
video, Video marketing

The Most Important Part of Your Video Marketing

I want to talk to you about video.

Do you know what the most important part of a video is?

It’s not the microphone. It’s not the way you hold your phone. It’s not the lighting. It’s not the sound proofing. It’s not even the content.

The most important part of your video is the title that you put right above the top of it because most videos are watched with the sound off. Most videos don’t automatically play in Facebook. People decide to listen and watch your video based on the text around it.

Your title needs to make them click that little white triangle on their screen.

Put a brilliantly tempting clickable title in there!

Put the benefits of watching the video in that title. Put something emotive. Put something click baity if you choose, but actually follow up the click with some good bait.

Think about that title.

When you’re scrolling through Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Twitter you’ll do this too. You’ll scroll through and you’ll read the first three or four words of something and you’ll think:

“No, scroll. No, scroll. No, scroll.”


The first sentence is incredibly important, so please think about your titles.

You’ll get far more people watching your videos, and I hope it made you watch this one!

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