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Friday 3rd July 2020

The Most Simple SEO Tip You’ll Read Today…

Wed 22nd May 2019
By Todd

Here’s a really simple SEO practice that I see most people get wrong.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps your business get found on Google. Google is a machine, and it’s looking for certain signals.

One of the signals it’s looking for are keywords. You’ll have probably heard about these.

But the keywords shouldn’t be stuffed all over the place in the copy, in the bottom of the footer, hidden behind this and that. That’s spammy and could do more harm than good.

Instead, put them in the very places Google is looking for them.

Don’t try and trick the machine. The machine is very clever.

The Most Simple SEO Tip You’ll Read Today…

Put your keywords, the words that people actually type into Google to find you, in:

  • The title of your pages.
  • In the heading one (the first heading of your page).
  • And then into things like bullet points, pictures, and media on your page.

Google won’t read all of your content, but it does look at these areas.

The keywords may not be what you think they are. Here’s more help on that.

Google certainly won’t like it if you try and cheat it by stuffing keywords all over the place.

The biggest tip is to write it naturally, but make sure that your pages and your content (video and blogs) have the right keywords in the titles and the headings.

It’s pretty simple.

Bonus tip: Head to and find out what the internet wants to know… and create content – great quality content – to help them!

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