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Spaghetti Blog

Wednesday 24th July 2024

What’s It Like Working At Spaghetti Agency?

Tue 7th May 2024
By admin

What's it like working at Spaghetti Agency?

What’s It Like Working At Spaghetti Agency?

Howdy! I’m Lynne, I’m the Admin Manager at Spaghetti Agency, and today I’m chatting to you about what makes working at Spag different from other businesses. It’s not your usual everyday office job, so here’s an insight into working here! 

Good employers: More than just a salary 

I really value honesty, support, and respect, and I think that’s the secret to being a great employer. At Spag, we like to keep it real – whether it’s through direct feedback or recognising the hard work everyone puts in. It’s a place where your ideas are valued, and you’re encouraged to be yourself, quirks and all! Our main company value is honesty, and we definitely pride ourselves on this. People are quick to own up when they mess up because there’s no blame game – we have each other’s backs, we just fix things and move on.  

The Spag difference 

Now, what makes Spag stand out from other places I’ve worked? It’s not just about what you do here, but who you are. We’re a bunch that genuinely values each person’s authenticity. Plus, there’s a sense of freedom to just be you – no pretences, no masks. We’re all about solid values and morals, and that shines through in how we treat each other, as well as our work.  

 A couple of us have our own businesses as side hustles and we’re encouraged to keep going and do what we enjoy outside of work. We have regular ‘dreamscaping’ sessions where we focus on how we’re going to achieve our life goals – whether or not that includes being at Spag forever! In these sessions, team members are encouraged to use this time to envision future plans and to express our creativity and big-picture thinking. 

Never stop learning 

There are always opportunities for self-development at Spag. We have regular team training sessions on monthly “Team Days” as well as additional optional learning opportunities through paid-for online training courses. We have the option to learn about both topics which interest us personally as well as work-related learning that can help enhance our knowledge and skills. 

Paws for thought 

We’re not only friendly; we’re dog-friendly. Our office is a place where your furry friends are welcome to sit by your side. Peggy, Fen and Rodney are frequent visitors to the office. We are all animal lovers here. If my cat “Angel” liked dogs I’d bring her in too!   

Keeping tabs without the drab 

We all have fortnightly 121 check-ins with Jo. These are genuine confidential conversations to ensure every team member feels heard and valued, and any issues can be raised and dealt with. It’s also a great time to mention how other team members have made a positive difference too! One of the best things about working at Spag is our brilliant team! 

Chatter that matters 

Our communication lines are always open, just like a 24-hour diner—although we skip the late-night noise. We deeply value downtime —so we avoid messaging out of hours or on well-deserved holidays. (Except for sharing dog memes, those are always welcome!) 

Dress down every day 

Our dress code is very relaxed: dress in whatever feels comfortable to you, whether that’s jeans, pyjamas, or a cosy jumper. We want you to be able to be free to express yourself. And new starters are welcomed with cow print slippers and a personalised water bottle to drink from.  

Munch and mingle 

Once a month, we swap packed lunches for takeaways or meals out at the pub. We’re a social bunch so it’s good to connect and have a chat! 

Perfect for book worms  

Our office isn’t all about screens, we all enjoy a good book too. Jo and Todd particularly like to dive into the latest business and personal development reads and share their insights. We keep a stash of around 100 books on the office bookshelves. New book suggestions? They’re not just welcome; they’re eagerly anticipated, especially if it’s related to spirituality or fantasy for me personally! 😆 

Why working at Spag rocks 

One of the best parts? Celebrating everyone’s individuality. There’s flexibility for things like remote work, which helps with work/life balance. But the real magic is in the people. Working with such an awesome team, where everyone’s got each other’s back – it’s like nothing I’ve experienced before. We’re not about competition or throwing each other under the bus. It’s all about teamwork, sharing ideas, and really listening to each other. Your voice matters here, and that’s pretty special. 

And let’s not forget – we know how to have fun! Work’s important, but so is enjoying what you do and who you work with. At Spag, it’s not just about the job; it’s about creating something great together and having a laugh while we’re at it.  

We have meals out, and trips out like when we went pumpkin picking around Samhain and Halloween! We also get each other a lovely Secret Santa present and gather round opening presents before Christmas. We even have a real (large) Christmas tree in the office, to get into the festive spirit. 

So, there’s a little peek into life at Spaghetti Agency. It’s a place where being yourself is the best thing you can be, and where every day is a chance to work with amazing people.  


Fancy a glimpse of our daily antics? Check out our Instagram for some Behind The Scenes footage. 


If you’re looking for a new role, you can see whether we have any current vacancies here:  

Spaghetti Agency Ltd jobs and careers | 

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