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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Why Doesn’t Everyone Do Consistent Marketing?

Thu 9th May 2019
By Todd

Why Doesn’t Everyone Do Consistent Marketing?

There are few things that work in business or in life when you’re not focused, motivated, or more importantly – consistent!

The answers are all out there.

Without strong marketing a business will struggle.

Marketing comes in many forms.

But… if it’s not consistent, it rarely works.

I know this as I’ve tried lots of marketing that hasn’t worked. I’ve also seen a lot of marketing that hasn’t worked.

This could be down to the rule of five: Your message needs to be seen at least five times before someone buys.

This could be because of the rule of 70k: The average person apparently has around 70,000 thoughts a day and most of them – a large majority – are subconscious!

It could be the rule of, “Yes, but not right now”:  Most buyers are not ready right now for what you have, even if you know they need it! So you have to keep going.

I was discussing this at the Profit Maximiser with Claire McTernan the other week…

It’s a mastermind group, for want of a better description. It’s a small gathering of business owners looking to grow their businesses in a profitable way.

Many of the problems they were having with their marketing was a lack of consistency.


I identified a few common areas that STOP consistency.

Consistency works. It works because even the weakest marketing beats the best marketing that’s not actually out there.

If your message is there, and your competitor’s message is not, you’re more likely to get seen.

Ideally, you really should get some great content that resonates, but in this instance, the fact remains that being seen is better than not being seen.

Here’s what I found…

These are VERY common reasons for stopping working on your marketing:

  • Fear of doing the wrong thing
  • Giving up because it’s taking too long and you can’t see instant results
  • Having success, getting busy, and accepting that as the norm
  • Forgetting that some people simply aren’t ready to buy yet

Let’s expand on those…


Fear of doing the wrong thing

Ah… shiny object syndrome!

There are probably millions of ways to market your business.


Which one works? Which one is THE answer?

The answer is the one that suits your customers and your business.

Consistency wins. Pick a marketing strategy, platform, message, channel, process that suits you, and then keep doing it.

Obviously don’t pick one that promises the world in 5 days. Use your head, your heart, and your gut.

Choose one… or even choose a couple… but choose consistency!


Giving up because it’s taking too long, and you can’t see instant results

Ah… the impatience syndrome!

Everything is an overnight success or downloadable now, isn’t it? But read or listen to any book and you’ll learn that majority of the most successful people in the world took years to get there!

You gotta gig in the crap pubs before you sell out at Wembley.

It all takes time. Choose wisely, then keep going. If you’re lucky, you’ll see some success. That’s great. But consistent success comes later.


Having success early, getting busy, and accepting that as the norm

Ah… the jumping the gun syndrome.

Sometimes (it does happen) you’ll start marketing, and someone will buy from you right away!


But… this isn’t the norm and if you believe it is then you’ll be very quickly disappointed.

Accept it as luck or good timing and then crack on with that consistent action!


Forgetting that some people simply aren’t ready to buy yet

Ah… the assumption syndrome!

Sometimes you’ll find people who are in the right place at their right time and you’ll do business. But mostly… you won’t.

You might well have something that appeals to lots of people at lots of times, but you need to understand that as great as your product is, sometimes it’s just not the right time for everyone.

But it might be some day. Or they’ll know someone who needs you. So… keep going!

Keep marketing, keep sharing, keep showing up, keep posting! You’ll land it right place, right time soon.


Consistent marketing helps current pitches and leads to covert as they keep seeing you

And then you’ll find the… it’s all coming together syndrome.

Once you have that consistency and you’re ‘everywhere’ you’ll have earnt some trust and some good reach online and off.

When you market something new, you’ll build on that. It’s like Coke bringing out a Raspberry flavour. The flavour is new; the brand is not.

All that marketing helps them promote that new product! Some will like it, some won’t. That’s life.

So… build in some consistency.


Start here:

  • Your customers
  • Their pain
  • Their problem
  • Your understanding
  • Your solution
  • Your call to action.

Heard this kind of thing before?

That’s because it works!


Stop looking for new shiny things. Build a system, put it in place, keep doing it.

As long as you know who you help (the people you sell to) and what they need help with (the problem you solve) and you have consistent marketing in the spaces they hang out, all you have to do is keep going.

Here’s a really simple way to explain this working from a conversation I had with a client recently.

“Why did you book the workshop?” I asked.

“Well, I met you a few years ago at an expo. We chatted, I got onto your email list and I started getting your emails,” she replied.

“So, what took you so long?” I enquired. “That expo was three years ago!”

“I wasn’t ready back then. But when you emailed me about this event a few weeks ago, it was perfect timing.”

… Lesson learnt!

You see, if I had given up on email marketing two and half years ago, she wouldn’t have parted with cash, spent the day with me, and she wouldn’t have become a valued client.

I have plenty of similar examples.


Show up. Consistently.

It’s a huge part of the answer to marketing success.

I guarantee the moment you stopped, someone needed what you have.

  • I suspect people are already noticing you.
  • I bet they’re seeing your content.
  • I’m convinced they’ve checked out your website.

… you just don’t know it yet.

It’s the reason I’m obsessed with data. The stats keep me going until I know who the people behind those stats are.

The best way to prove this? Go networking. Go network and then add them online. Connect on with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Then go back.

I bet they mention something you put out online.

I get it from people I’ve never met. I’m not rocking it with millions of Facebook fans. I’m just consistent.

“Oh hello, it’s Todd isn’t it? I loved that video you did last week.”

Did they comment on the video? Did they fuck!

Do you comment on everything? No. You’re a silent watcher, a scroller; a passive consumer too.

We all do this to most ads and marketing.

Behind every Facebook Ad with 18 comments are 100s of downloads.

You don’t see what’s going on.

So… keep going!

Consistency is key. Go and build some…

(And ask me if you need help.)

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