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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Still Hiding From Video Marketing? 5 Reasons You Should Start Using It

Tue 10th May 2016
By Todd
video, Video marketing

Back in 2009 I started using online marketing for a small business. It was all new to me and, although I was late to the game, I made a lot of noise and got a lot of traction for that small, family business.


Fast forward seven years and I’m now content creator and managing director of my own digital marketing agency with my partner Jo… who I met on Twitter. (Yes, she cringes every time I say that.)


But it’s not getting any easier to make noise… in fact it’s getting a lot harder!


With the ever-increasing online marketing buzz it’s getting noisier which means it’s harder for businesses to make their mark.


Things got popular, marketing got harder, and things like Facebook reach hit an all time low.


We could bitch about it… or we could look to new ways to stand out and be noticed!


Now I’m not talking about me or Spaghetti here – I’m talking about you.


How are YOU standing out in a busy world?


Are you using video? Because video is a sure-fire way to stand out and it’s so much more engaging than text or images.



Still Hiding From Video Marketing? 5 Reasons You Should Start Using It


Video is available to everyone… but not everyone is using it and this intrigues me but it also excites me.


It’s a proven way to get better engagement… all you have to do is face your fear.




“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself “– Franklin D. Roosevelt.


Like most people, when I’m scared of something I’ll avoid it unless there’s a very good reason not to.

So here are five VERY good reasons to use video in your marketing… to give you a big kick up the arse!



Are you still hiding from video marketing? Here’s 5 reasons to convince you to start using it


1)    Video is more engaging than text or images


Blogs and graphics are great. Tweets can build relationships. Facebook and LinkedIn posts can, and will, get you attention if you do them well. But video is so much more exciting.


Think about it:


  • Would you rather read this blog or watch a video about it?
  • Would you rather read an instruction manual or watch a video on how to do it?
  • What’s more popular, radio or TV?


Video gives you a better chance of connecting with your audience.


2)    Video is real *insert fist punch*


Think about it. People do business with people. Relationships are formed on a handshake. There’s no substitute for meeting face-to-face. We hear it all the time, right?


As humans we love to see each other and get that chemistry going. Recreating that online is really very hard without adding some visuals. It’s so much better if those visuals are of you, and they’re moving.


A video of you, the business owner, sends a solid message to your audience that you’re real, you’re confident, you’re knowledgeable and you’re human!



3)    Video gets to the point quicker


Apparently we now have an attention span less than that of a goldfish!


Goldfish have a 7 second attention span


That means we have to get to the point REALLY quickly.

*goes back to the start of this blog and deletes waffle.*


Video helps you to get to the point really quickly. We don’t have time to read, to scour the internet for answers, or trawl through a huge PDF.


Create some video – save the goldfish!



4)    Not everyone is creating video for their business


Possibly my favourite reason is that it’s not common for your average small business.


The fact is: in this noisy world, you have to find new ways to stand out.


Not everyone is doing video and to be honest I don’t think they ever will.


Not everyone likes speaking to large audiences (so I do that too).


I don’t think everyone will ever get on board with public speaking and video.


This means you and I have the perfect chance to stand out and be noticed… we just have to face the biggest fear in the universe – speaking in front of people!




5)    Presenting is a skill every business owner MUST have


Look, the deal is this: you have to speak to people in business.


You have to pitch, network, call, skype, engage and persuade. All that takes practice to get it right. Creating video is a less scary concept than standing in front of people in an auditorium or pitching to that dream client, right?


By creating video after video you’ll get better and better as you’ll get more confident and that’ll shine through not only on your video, but in your next pitch too.


I network a lot and I use networking as a vehicle to practice public speaking. It doesn’t really matter if I fluff it at a networking event in front of 20 people but it does if I do it when I get a radio opportunity (like I did) or a podcast appearance or that dream client asks you something at a cocktail dinner.


There’s are chances to shine everywhere – video sharpens that skill!



But there’s a problem – you’re REALLY scared of video and presenting!


It’s only natural; you are human after all!


It sounds daft but as a human you’re more likely to be scared of public speaking than death. In a survey of the top ten worst fears in 1984 death came third – public speaking came first!


I think this resonates with most of us, right? Standing in front of camera is just as scary but the fact is you CAN quash that fear… and you have to if you want to stand out in this noisy world.



So we’ve created  – Lights, Camera, Profile!


You can now come on a full start to finish mentoring workshop from script to social sharing. We’ll have a professional producer and editor in a BBC-quality studio to record and create your very own short professional video.


We’ll guide you through it, give you some great videos, and then show you what to do with them afterwards.



We get that you’re probably not over-the-moon at the prospect of presenting on video. We also get that you might be excited to try it, but you’re unsure what you’ll say.


This workshop is designed to give you that leading edge, help you stand out, make you memorable, and give you something your competition doesn’t have.


Places are limited… and this isn’t some scarcity marketing tactic – it’s true.


There are less than 10 places available.


Book now and we’ll see you on June 15th in our uber-cool professional standard studio.


Start creating video and you’ll get better and better at it. More video, more noise, more exposure for your business. Create a solid profile video that will get people to engage with you and your business – and remember you over all that online noise.


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