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Thursday 2nd July 2020

How to Go Live on Facebook With a Laptop Now Facebook Has Changed the Interface

Tue 17th Mar 2020
By Todd

Going live on Facebook is potentially positive for your marketing.

As I write this, the UK is heading for Coronavirus lockdown and many people are hoping to use all these cool online tools to connect and to continue their business.

After that (and before it) Facebook Live and other video content is and will be brilliant for your marketing. It’s a truly great way to share your story, content, advice, and really connect with people in the best way you can (online!).


But Facebook just changed the way you go Live on Groups and Pages via a laptop or PC

Facebook is bringing in some really cool new features, but if you’re just trying to go live then you’ll be puzzled at first.

Don’t panic. (Well, not about this anyway!) It’s just a default setting that you need to sort.

Firstly, as with all tech issues, make sure that you’re running the up-to-date version of your internet browser.

You can check the main browsers for updates here:


How to Go Live on Facebook With a Laptop Now That Facebook’s Changed the Interface

How to Go Live on Facebook With a Laptop Now That Facebook’s Changed the Interface

So, going LIVE on a laptop has changed and the settings are more confusing.

It’s OK though. Here’s the workaround:


1. Click ‘Live Video’ from the normal status update window

Starting a Facebook live from a laptop


2. When the screen opens up, pop your title and description in the pane on the left


3. Now you need to CHANGE the default setting on the button labelled ‘Use Stream Keys’.

Going Live on Facebook with the laptop's webcam


4. Select Camera. Now you’re good to go Live.


5. Click the blue ‘Go Live’ button on the bottom of the pane of the left where you added your title and description.

Some other updates you’ll love with the new version of Facebook Live

There are some promises of cool tools coming to Facebook Live on the desktop version of Facebook and we’ll update this blog as they come. For now though, we found these on our little look around.


Live Polls.

live polls on Facebook Live

This is a cool addition.

Now you can create a live poll, as you’re streaming, and get your live viewers to vote whether they’re on desktop or the Facebook smartphone app.

This is a great feature for live and interactive content!


Scheduled Lives.

Scheduling a Facebook live

This isn’t actually new, but it’s a little more simple to understand now. Setting a scheduled live allows you to create a waiting room style post that your viewers and click to get a reminder when you do go live.


Embedding your live video.

You can embed your video on webpages so as soon as you go live landing pages and other content can show your live stream. Again, this isn’t new, but the option is there for you to see on the updated dashboard.

It looks like there’s more to come, too! How to embed any finished Facebook Live video.


Need tips on creating and re-using your Facebook Live content? We’ve got that covered too.

How to Use Facebook Live: Tips and Tricks for Broadcasters and Viewers


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2 comments on this article

  • Dawn Foxall at 12:49pm on March 20th 2020

    Great that you are supporting us Todd and the team, during this unprecedented time!
    Keep up the good work:)

    1. Todd at 12:52pm on March 20th 2020

      Our pleasure #TeamHuman

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