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Wednesday 24th July 2024

It Might Not Be the Best, But it’s Better Than the Trash

Wed 22nd Mar 2017
By Todd
video, Video marketing

We live in a world where we can see almost everything that everyone is doing. We live in a world where it’s perfectly normal to know and to see what people we’ve never met are up to.

… or do we?

You see, with all this social media and online marketing you can be forgiven for thinking that you know exactly what others do, are doing, or will be doing. And you may well think you know that they’re happy about it all.

Are they happy? Successful? Talented? An expert?

Are they really?

Recently I read that social media is causing people to feel alone. They feel alone because they’re at home watching all the people on their timelines out enjoying life and partying like it’s 1999… while they’re changing nappies and contemplating life.

Here’s the thing: You have NO IDEA what folk are really doing; you just know what they share online.

I want to talk about video and I want to use the example above to get you over the line with video, to make you feel better about video, and to make you ‘FAMOUS’. I’m occasionally accused of being ‘famous’ thanks to my short, sharp videos… and I’ll explain that later.

But I really want you to get into video marketing and I believe that because we see what others are achieving online and sharing online we’re scared we’ll never be as good, or scared we’ll be as bad!

It Might Not Be the Best, But it’s Better Than the Trash

It Might Not Be the Best, But it’s Better Than the Trash

But first, let’s deal with the main pain points of creating video:

  • I don’t know what to say
  • Why would anyone listen?
  • I can’t stand how I look on video
  • I don’t have the time
  • I’m not as good as that guy over there…

… that last one, though. Classic Imposter Syndrome.

The only way of dealing with Imposter Syndrome sounds a bit harsh, but it’s this: get over it!

We all think that other people are better than us, or for some reason they’re entitled to be the person making it all work online. We ‘presume’ that they crafted their skill for ages and we probably think that after the amazing content they create that business comes rolling in.

Let me tell you something: most of it falls on deaf ears, is scrolled past, and doesn’t result in business.

Now that’s not going to make you want to create video is it? But it is going to make you feel a little less worried about the ‘P’ word – PERFECTION.

Yup – Perfect is the enemy of getting shit done and it’s stopping you from creating content… content that’s good enough! Not perfect; but good enough. That’s all it needs to be.


  • The fact is: that poor video that I or your peers create is better than the video you didn’t share.
  • The video I put on Instagram of me walking to a networking meeting and commenting on the trees gives more insight into me than the video you kept to yourself because your hair was messy.
  • The videos online are better than the videos never created.


Yes, you need to share great value and make a difference with you content and share amazing tips and insights that make people watch them and think “OMFG I so need this product in my life right now” and encourage them to click on your website and buy your stuff…

… but first you need to share a video about something really simple. Preferably when you’re just going about your daily life.


That’s better than nothing at all and it’s all better than trying to look all clever and professional in a one day shoot with green screen and animations… when you’re rusty as an old nail.

Getting on with it makes you better at getting on it!


“I can’t do video because….”

Let’s deal with the main reasons I’m told in workshops or at networking meetings why video couldn’t possibly happen in your business.


  • I don’t know what to say. You’re an expert in your field. You know more than I do about what you know. I might know more about social media than you do, but you know more about your widgets and how they help me – so talk about that.
  • Why would anyone listen? Because you can help them. You, little old you, can make a difference. Why did you get into what you do? Why do people pay you to do what you do? You know stuff and it’ll help people. You’re interesting. People are interesting. That’s why the nation loves watching soap operas and TV dramas.
  • I can’t stand how I look on video. So what!? Honestly… SO WHAT?! Get over it and get on with it. Video is a powerful marketing tool and neither I nor you have the time to worry about how you look. Good news: the more you do, the less you’ll care… or at least you’ll get used to it.
  • I don’t have the time. Find it. I share most of my videos in the car. I share two minute videos which are merely thoughts from meetings or phone calls that I feel would offer some value. I don’t have the time to go to a studio all the time either.



If I can give you one solid tip on video it’s this:

“Every video you create is a tiny piece of your marketing jigsaw. Keep them short, sweet and to the point but make sure that they have a point. All video content should offer value to the viewer. Keep them simple and keep them coming.”

NB: This doesn’t mean they’ll all be awful pointless trash. I want you to aim to get better and I want you to aim to help people with the value you have in your knowledge… buried deep in your head. If your content helps people then they can’t be crap, can they?


OMG! You’re famous or something, aren’t you?

I’ll leave you with this…

Almost without fail now, when I go networking and actually meet real people, I get told “I’ve seen your videos”. Once I was even accused of being famous until I assured the person that they’d just seen me on Facebook. (But thanks for the ego boost!)

Video is powerful; way more powerful than the words on this page, because you can see the person giving the content.

You watch their face move and you listen to the tone of their voice. You also see how they look, smile, engage and when you meet them you feel like you know them a little better.

“People buy people, so let people buy into you.”


I’m not famous, but I’m certainly appearing on the little screen in your pocket and on your desk as often as I can.

Share value, give advice and tips, and keep them short and sweet and keep them coming. Share your world with your audience. Be yourself. That’s good enough.

Oh, and remember this: there was a time when you couldn’t talk, walk or feed yourself. Once day you’ll wonder why you decided you ‘couldn’t do video’.

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2 comments on this article

  • Simon at 5:53am on March 24th 2017

    Hey Todd

    Hope all is good with you. Its been a while since we met on your Twitter for Business course a few years ago and then again when you were helping out at an Enterprise day that I ran at Warwick School.
    I have been working at Warwick Business school for a few years now and running my business hasn’t been the priority however some things have changed I am looking at refocusing on it.
    My reason for getting in touch is that I really enjoy reading your newsletter email each week and like your approach and style and its always interesting. Hope the business is going well and that you keep growing. I too have watched your video!!
    Perhaps our paths will cross once again, Best wishes Simon

    1. Todd at 17:42pm on March 24th 2017

      Howdy Simon, good to hear from you.

      Love the comment about our emails and that you too watch my videos. It’s good to see that what I preach and teach actually works! 😉

      We should catch-up soon!

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