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Spaghetti Blog

Wednesday 24th July 2024

What Makes Spaghetti Agency… Well, Spaghetti Agency?

Content Marketing, Digital marketing, Storytelling

We recently stumbled across this post by Joe Glover and it got us thinking; what makes Spag… well, Spag? 

Let’s put aside big branding ideas, business strategies, and even fancy marketing techniques for a second. 

What are the little, inexpensive things we do that tell the world exactly what Spag is all about and makes sure we’re memorable? 

We’ve decided to whip up our very own Spagified list!  

So here are just some of the things that make us, us.  

Saddle up, partner, here’s our list! 

🌵 Fully themed launch party in a barn with hay bales, Wild West signs, cow print bunting, themed BBQ, and 70 guests wearing checked shirts. Oh, and a shooting range, obviously! 

🌵 Welcome sign (we’re a friendly bunch – just please don’t try hug our social media whizz Nicole) 


🌵 Slippers for team members (office comfort is KEY; bonus points that they’re cow print) 

🌵 Notebooks, pens, and pads, for workshop attendees 

🌵 Our Spag Tone of Voice means we write like we speak 

🌵 Brand values on the wall (makes sure we remember to live by them every day) 

🌵 Branded birthday cards for clients 

🌵 Wearing Spag uniform (T-Shirts, hoodies, hats, etc.) 

🌵 Personalised gifts for clients (we love the folks we work with and want to get to know YOU) 

🌵 Beginning emails and phone calls with Howdy 🤠 

🌵 Wild West themed email signatures  

🌵 Cactuses. Cactuses everywhere.  

We don’t even know the number of cactuses and random Wild West bits and pieces we have in the office. But here’s a cute video about Things in the Spaghetti Agency office that just make sense. 

🌵 Branded Spaghetti Agency mugs (being awesome is thirsty work) 

🌵 Themed office signs  

🌵 Jo’s branded car (give her a wave if you see her out and about in Warwick!) 

🌵 Wild west décor (you can NEVER have too many cushions) 

🌵 Barketing Manager is a dog with a Spag blue jumper (Peggy you’re a legend) 

🌵 Cows (just cows, no more questions at this time please) 

🌵 Flexible and remote working for our fabulous team 

🌵 Our company name (it’s unique but nothing to do with pasta) 

🌵 Themed balloons at expos (they stand out AND help our team find their way back to the stand after chatting and collecting bounty) 

🌵 Regular team lunches, regular training, outings to fun places, and personal goal-setting sessions (the learning never stops) 

🌵 Cowboy hats and boots at networking events (we’re never out of fashion, because we were never IN fashion) 

🌵 Laid back approach – we don’t use pushy sales tactics 

🌵 Mini library in the office chock full of business books (we love a bit of personal development!) 

🌵Our Mini-CEO, Bobbi, has a branded Spaghetti Bear. 

🌵 We only work with clients we truly like and gel with. 

🌵 We’re BIG fans of onbrand language (think steed, wrangle, gallop and, our fave, yeehaa!) 

🌵Morning meetings (we call them PowWows!) to touch base with the team and share insights into what we’re working on. 

🌵 Cake for our team members’ birthdays (we like to celebrate our own folk!) 

🌵Merchandise! Including cowboy hats, water bottles, and much more. 

From custom birthday cards that change every year to our fun office signs, we try to show our dedication to being real, creative, and truly connecting with people. And yes, we take the brand way too far, but we love it!  

Individuality is often overlooked for a more generic approach, but we believe it’s these little yet important details that make the Spag experience unique. 

If you find yourself lost in the maze of marketing jargon, and struggling to figure out what makes you *you*, then come say ‘howdy’. Yeehaa! 

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