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Thursday 29th February 2024

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing Your Content Creation

Digital marketing, Outsourcing

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the need to churn out quality content for your business? You’re not alone. Outsourcing your content creation can be a game-changer if you can afford it, freeing up your time while keeping your digital presence vibrant and engaging.  

If you’ve decided you might want to get some support with your content marketing, this guide is all about making that process as smooth as possible. We’re going to walk you through how to find the perfect content creation partner for you. No bull, just straightforward beefy advice. 

A Simple Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing Your Content Creation 

1. Assessing your content needs  

Think of this as laying the groundwork. Ask yourself, what’s the goal of your content? Whether it’s boosting SEO, engaging with customers on social media, or establishing thought leadership, your objectives will dictate the type of content you need.   

Consider the following: 

Content Type: Are you looking for written articles, blogs, PR, emails, graphics, videos, or a mix? 

Frequency: How often do you need to publish new content? This can range from daily social media updates to weekly blog posts and monthly email marketing. 

Audience: Who are you speaking to? Understanding your audience’s preferences is key to creating content that resonates. 

2. Finding the right agency 

Finding a content creation agency that fits like a glove can be a bit like dating. You’re looking for that perfect match, but people often have to kiss a few frogs before they find their prince/princess. 

Research: Start by looking at the agency’s website and socials. What can you find out about them by doing a bit of online stalking? 

Expertise: Ensure they have the right experience. This can make a big difference in the quality of the content. We’ve been in this game for over 10 years, so we know what we’re doing. Newbies might be brilliant, but they should also be honest about how much skin in the game they have.  

Testimonials and Reviews: What do other clients say about their experience? Look for feedback on their reliability, quality of work, and communication style. Google is your friend, here. At the time of writing this, we have nearly 90 5 star reviews. Check ‘em out here, if you fancy. Or ask the agency you’re thinking about working with to give you the names of happy clients so you can get in touch with them yourself. 

3. Budget considerations 

Budgeting for content creation is more art than science. It’s about finding the right balance between quality and cost. Here are a few pointers: 

Quality vs. Quantity: More isn’t always better. Focus on the impact of the content rather than just the volume. There are plenty of ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ businesses out there. But will it actually do anything useful for you? Here’s our take on why you shouldn’t buy cheap social media management 

Pricing Structures: Understand how agencies price their services. Some may charge per word, per hour, or have package deals. At Spaghetti Agency we offer packages to suit what we recommend is the right amount of content for your business.  

4. Evaluating agency fit 

This is where you get a feel for the agency’s culture and communication style. It’s crucial because this relationship is often long-term:  

Communication: How does the agency handle briefs, feedback, and revisions? Are they responsive and open to discussion? Do they ghost you when you ask questions?  

Values: Do their business values align with yours? This can greatly affect the harmony of your working relationship. For example, at Spaghetti Agency, our brand values are centered on honesty, growth with gratitude, effective communication, efficiency, and a fun work environment. We prioritise truthfulness and transparent communication, embracing a ‘no bull, just beef’ philosophy. Our focus is on growth, both for us and our clients, encouraging stepping out of comfort zones and fostering positivity. Communication is vital to us, with a commitment to honesty, trust, and regular updates. We value quick implementation and responsiveness, always moving at a fast pace. 

5. Understanding timelines 

Timelines are crucial in content creation. Here’s what to consider: 

Project Management: How does the agency manage deadlines and project timelines? Are they transparent about their processes? What do they need you to do to approve the content, and when? How long is your time commitment?  

Flexibility: Life happens, and sometimes deadlines shift. How flexible is the agency in accommodating changes? Responsiveness is really helpful here. For example, at Spaghetti Agency we have an Accountancy client who like us to blog for them on the day after the Budget or financial statements are released by the Government. We research and write the blog, create the graphic, get approval, upload the blog, and share it on multiple social media channels within 24 hours of the release.

6. Your involvement 

Decide how much you want to be involved in the content creation process: 

Collaboration Level: Do you want to approve every piece of content, or are you comfortable giving the agency more creative freedom? This depends how much of a control freak you are, but also it will take time to trust the people who are writing on your behalf. Usually when we begin working with a new client it takes them around 3 months to loosen the reins and have fewer amends – but this depends on a lot of factors.  

Feedback Loop: What is the agency’s feedback process? How do they make sure that the content aligns with your expectations and evolves over time? At Spaghetti Agency we use tools for clients to approve their content, making it really quick and easy. We also have quarterly review meetings where as a Co-Director, I speak to clients directly to get feedback on how the content is going, and how the relationship is going. Tweaks can be made at any time, but this is a great opportunity for clients to mention small issues so we can make sure they’re 100% satisfied. 

7. Other bits to consider 

The devil is in the detail. Before making a decision, think about: 

Revisions Policy: How does the agency handle changes to the content? Are there limits to the number of revisions? There should be, or you’ll all be faffing around for months.  

Ownership and Rights: Who owns the content after it’s created? Make sure you have the rights you need for your marketing. 

Wrapping up 

And there you have it – your no-fuss guide to finding the right content creation partner. Think of it as setting out on a new trail, with just the right amount of Wild West spirit. You’re the one in the saddle, and you’re looking for a trusty partner to join you on the ride. 

This journey is all about teaming up with folks who get your brand and are ready to help tell your story. They’re the ones who bring fresh ideas to the table and turn them into content that hits the mark. Together, you’ll create something that’s not just good, but downright memorable. 

With the right team, your content will be as engaging and authentic as a campfire story under the stars. Here’s to finding your perfect content creation sidekick and riding off into the sunset of success! 🤠 

To discuss whether content creation might be useful for you, get in touch with the team at Spaghetti Agency. 

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