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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Marketing: Make It Easy For Them To Buy (The Neneh Cherry Effect)

Wed 13th Mar 2019
By Todd
Content Marketing, Marketing, Social Media

Marketing takes effort, time, and money. If you’re doing it right then you’re posting content daily, weekly, and monthly and generating a groundswell of leads and sales.

Marketing takes consistency. It takes research. It takes discipline.

Marketing is what you need to drive new business.

But you might be making it harder for your customers to take the next step. We see marketing that constantly misses a trick and renders the rest of the activity almost useless.


What you need after all that content, posting, and ‘noise’ is ACTION from the consumers of your marketing.


Marketing: Make It Easy For Them To Buy (The Neneh Cherry Effect)

Stop leaving them searching, clicking, and guessing

  • When you post content on social media about an event, include the link. They want times and dates and they don’t want to hunt for them.
  • When you want someone to buy from you, show them the best (and quickest) route.
  • When you’re building a landing page, have one Call To Action… just one!

Marketing needs to be simple and it needs to be focused

If you’re guilty of creating website posts that need people to ‘find’ the content instead of linking to it, we’re speaking to you.

If you’ve created leaflets and left off your call to action, we’re looking at you.

If you’re the type of company that doesn’t have your website or contact details linked to your website and then vice versa, we’re wagging our finger in your general direction!


You’re 7 seconds away…

It was Neneh Cherry who sang that famous song when she featured on Youssou N’Dour’s classic single, 7 Seconds, in 1994. (Wow we’re old.) We want you to remember this

“7 seconds away

Just as long as I stay

I’ll be waiting…”

Except they won’t

After 7 seconds our sub-goldfish attention span has wavered.

After 7 seconds, your website visitor leaves if they can’t find the information they want.

After 7 seconds you’ve lost if they can’t click, swish, tap or download.

If you want to win at marketing, remember Neneh and remember to tell them what to do, and make it easy so they can do it in under 7 seconds!

Case in point – a lesson from Shakespeare

Last weekend Jo and I went to the theatre. (We’re really cultured like that. Well, Jo is.) I was left with the task of booking dinner.

I tried to book a table at the restaurant at the RSC. I was on my iPhone.

The options to book didn’t flow, the menu wasn’t easy to find, and within seconds the whole process began to frustrate me.

I’m not along in this hatred for poor mobile performance and given that over 50% of all web  traffic is now mobile, this is a big issue.

So I Googled the Dirty Duck, a pub across the road, and we went there instead!


I was a little unnerved when I arrived and they didn’t have the booking that had duly taken, but they had space and we spent our money there.

Duck 1 – Shakespeare 0

Marketing drove me to the website for the RSC; marketing sent from a timely email, but the final piece failed.

And this isn’t an isolated incident.

Make it easy!

We’ve been guilty of this too…

For years we’ve used Eventbrite to sell tickets to our workshops. We have all our events listed on Eventbrite but also, of course, on our website with links to the events.

But we’d send the website link out, and expect people to scroll and the find the booking link and then click and then find the event listing.


Now we just send the event link.

In the future you’ll be able to buy directly from our site. Until then, we’re making the 7 seconds count. (Thanks, Neneh!)

We also offer a 121 bespoke consultancy service, and this is found halfway down our social media page at

To book, you have to scroll almost three times on a large phone.

THREE TIMES? F*** that!

It wasn’t good enough.

So now we have a link for the section on that page instead. It’s

(Try it.)

Now you go directly to the area, not near it.

It’s a cleaner process and it’s easier to share on social media.

Make it easy for them to say yes, open their wallet, and buy from you.

Look at all your marketing (we are) and sing that song. You know the one.

Then ask yourself, are you keeping them waiting… waiting… waiting? Make the effort so they don’t have to. People are busy and it’s your job to help them buy from you if they want to.

If you are, change it.

  • Don’t ask them to call you; call them.
  • Don’t tell them to contact you – hyperlink the form.
  • Don’t expect them to go to your website and find the right page – send them the link to the right page!
  • Add your ideal link to your social media bios. (It’s not always your home page.)
  • Stick to one call to action on landing pages, emails, and print!
  • And make sure your mobile experience is a simple as possible with clickable phone numbers, simple forms, and seamless navigation.

We’re not perfect. We know. But we’re working on being better and we’d encourage you to do the same.

Your sale is just 7 seconds away… don’t push it away!

For nostalgia, here’s Neneh and Youssou for you. Enjoy.

P.S. Please comment below and tell us what you think and if you have anything to add.

(That’s our one Call To Action. We love reading your comments.)



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4 comments on this article

  • Jacky at 8:10am on March 14th 2019

    Good Morning G! I always up bright and Early after all the early bird catches the worm! So simple but isn’t is the simple things we often forget to do! Now can you tell me how to get my prosecco cat into my marketing? I having a creative blank doesn’t happen often but when you work on your own as you do another pair of eye can often see thing from a different angle you see what I mean when I show you.

    1. Todd at 9:28am on March 14th 2019

      A prosecco cat! We need to see this!

  • Charlotte at 19:33pm on March 14th 2019

    Great blog as ever! Something Ive been doing a lot of lately is reviewing my marketing, especially with having 2 businesses!

  • Stephanie at Ontraport at 21:54pm on March 21st 2019

    Less effort = more customers. Not less effort on your end, but on your leads’. When a lead comes to you from your amazing marketing and they run into confusion or have to put in more effort, they are 4x more likely to take their business elsewhere. Focus on optimizing the experience and ease of action and you will gain more clients.

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