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Spaghetti Blog

Saturday 4th July 2020

Social Media: The Master Key

Wed 8th Jul 2015
Social Media

For the last few weeks we’ve been hearing from the kids of Spaghetti! We’re a connected group here in Spaghettiville and we’re lucky to know some really awesome people. We know some really awesome young people too and we’ve already heard from two of them recently.

This series of guest blogs is very simple. If you know us and you’re a teenager then we’ll ask you one simple question:

“What does social media mean to you?”

This week we had Osborn (brother of recent guest poster, Pippa) in for work experience. We set him the huge challenge of following his younger sister… after her awesome guest post.

He took the challenge and set to work telling us his thoughts.

So, over to you, Osborn.


Social Media: The Master Key - Osborn Shanks

Social Media: The Master Key

So, what does social media mean to me?

So far you’ve seen the opinions of my younger sister, Pippa Shanks (who is a brilliant writer and I will find it very difficult to compete with her blog) and James McSharry. Both blogs were very insightful and now I find myself in the same position they were in not so long ago.

Wish me luck!

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, we can get started!


Social Media: The Master Key…

In 2004, the world found its new craze. Social media.

In the last eleven years, Facebook and Twitter have been used by over 2 billion people worldwide with more joining every day.

But what does this mean for us?

It means that since the creation of Twitter and Facebook, the two largest social media platforms in the world, millions upon millions of doors have been opened, millions of organisations have connected and billions of people have met each other.

Social media lets us communicate instantly at the click of a button which can start relationships, make dates and save lives. And yes, social media can save lives!

Also, social media now is no longer just for people, it’s for businesses, organisations and communities. With social media, the police can find criminals; inform the public and find missing people.

Businesses can promote themselves and build their customer and client bases.

Organisations can advertise their events and grow.

But most importantly, people can connect.


Social media can also boost confidence

As you know, there are many socially awkward people lurking around out there, and a lot of them find starting conversation a daily challenge. To someone with ASD or anxiety, starting up a conversation with a stranger, or even a colleague, can lead to severe panic attacks.

So how does social media help?

It helps because pushing a button is far easier than pushing a shoulder. Saying hello to someone through Facebook or via text is a million times easier than saying hello to someone’s face. I can relate to this as Facebook Messenger has allowed me to connect with people that I may have had trouble connecting with verbally.


I think that we underestimate the power of social media

It’s an undeniable fact that social media can have negative effects if used too much. However, when used correctly and in moderation, it is one of our most powerful tools. Social media has so much potential but there is so much negative stigma behind it that too many people refuse to use it and its potential is lost.


It’s time to take our opportunity.

We’ve been blessed with the internet and its wonders. We’ve been given the platform to promote ourselves. We’ve been given a chance. Let’s take it. In life we have to take every opportunity we get whether it be safe or full of risks, we must take every chance and opportunity.

There you have it. The internet. It’s fantastic. It holds the hinges to the doors that take you places.

And guess what?

You have the master key. Use it…

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Social Media

Osborn Shanks

A 16 year old who's just finished his GCSEs and is about to start A-levels. He has high hopes for his future.

3 comments on this article

  • Vikie Shanks at 22:29pm on July 11th 2015

    This guy is amazing, with the right guidance (mum), the sky’s the limit!!


  • Vikie Shanks at 22:30pm on July 11th 2015

    This guy is brilliant! With the right guidance (Mum), the sky’s the limit! Love you Osborn……xxxxxx

  • Amanda at 13:26pm on July 15th 2015

    With young people thinking and writing like this, Britain’s future is bright. I need young bloggers like this!

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