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Spaghetti Blog

Thursday 2nd July 2020

Your Content Doesn’t Need to Be Viral to Be a Success

Blogging, Content, Content Marketing, Video marketing

This blog hasn’t gone viral. Yet 😉

Just because I put it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s instantly a hit.

Even when it’s been online for a few weeks, it might not go viral.

You see, you can look at online marketing like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, or wherever you market your business online, and you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s failed because it’s not viral or getting thousands of views.

But it’s unlikely to go viral overnight and very few things I’ve created have had millions and millions of views. That’s not the point.

Your Content Doesn’t Need to Be Viral to Be a Success.

The point of marketing is consistent, continual action.

Keep creating content, keep putting blogs out there, keep creating videos, keep going networking, keep sending leaflets and flyers, keep creating branded content, keep your message out there, and keep giving, giving, giving.

You only need it to resonate with one person for it to be a success.

Often, your content will make someone listen. And in time (often weeks, months, or years later) they will buy from you.

Or you might meet someone today that wants to buy from you tomorrow! That can happen.

In fact, it happened to me the other week…

I went to a networking meeting. I was sat next to a guy. We had a great time. He was a visitor to that 4Networking meeting so we’d never met before. But we got on.

He went back to his office, he told his boss about me and Spaghetti Agency. The boss knew me already from all the content we create, and within two days, she bought from me!

That’s very rare though

Sometimes people take three, four, or five years to buy – as I found out a few weeks ago. Someone had met me at an expo and given me their card to be added to our email list.

They subscribed for a free download, got some emails over the years, and opened about 30% of them. Then, eventually, some five years later, the time was right.

If I’d stopped marketing within those five years, they’d have bought from someone else.


It’s consistent, continual action.

The great news is it doesn’t matter how many people you meet, how many people go onto your email list, and how many people follow you on social media. Just keep creating the same consistent content.

It doesn’t matter how many people read this blog or watch the video below.

I’ve put in the same effort as I would if one person watched it, or one million.

But only one of them needs to make the decision to work with me for it to have been worth it.

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